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ARK Park
Virtual reality spin-off von ARK: Survival Evolved
PSVR release[1]
22 März 2018
Steam release[2]
22 März 2018
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ARK Park ist ein virtual reality spin-off von ARK: Survival Evolved. Entwickelt von Snail/Peacock Studio und kreativ konsultiert von Studio Wildcard. Ursprünglich war ein Erscheinen der PlayStation VR Version für Dezember 2017 geplant[3]. Dieses Datum wurde verschoben und nun wird die PSVR Version zusammen mit den Versionen für die HTC Vice und Oculus Rift am 22 März 2018 erscheinen.


Not much is currently known about ARK: Park. It seems to be about a large theme park full of dinosaurs. There is a mono-rail which brings people to and from the main entrance. The main building is rather similar in appearance to the "Visitor Center" in Jurassic World. There are many paths and bridges, also buggy's which can be driven on paths. The dinosaurs appears to be using the same models as in Vanilla "ARK: Survival Evolved". No creatures from the DLC Scorched Earth, Ragnarok or Aberration are confirmed yet. Only very few mammals seem to make an appearance, like Phiomias, Castoroides, and Mesopithecus.[4] It appears that the visitors/player in the park cannot take damage, as there is a point in the spotlight-video where a girl walks past a Sarco and a Rex and they do not attack her.

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