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Creates a row for the ID-table of Items.


{{Id item|Name|Category|Stack Size|ID|Class Name|Relative Blueprint Path|Display-Name|Exact in-game spelling (including typos)}}
  • Name is always the page name here in the wiki or the name of a redirecting page. Also the image name is generated from this parameter.
  • Display-Name is the visible name in this list if different from the wiki page's name. Should be the In-game Name w/o spelling errors Optional Parameter.
  • Exact in-game spelling: sometimes there is a typo or weird casing, or the wiki page is intentionally named different (e.g. for Skins). Fill in this parameter if in-game name is different from Display-Name. This value is shown as Tooltip. Optional Parameter, but you also have to fill in the Display-Name.
  • ID The ID, if this item has an ID to use with GiveItemNum
  • Category Should be the name of a category used in this wiki.
  • Stack Size If you want to spawn a full stack then this number is useful.
  • Class name used for some Server Configuration
  • Blueprint path is relative to /Game/, so write it without leading "Blueprint'/Game/ and trailing '".