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Fecha de lanzamiento: 18 de junio de 2015

Cambios y correcciones:

  • You can now make the T-Rex ROAR!!! with alt fire. The first of many ;)
  • New Structure: Reinforced Steel Vault, for when you gotta store a crapton of items with maximum security
  • New Structure: Wood Spike Barricade, for when you just gotta build a quick defense on the cheap.
  • New structure: "Bookshelf" to store mass quantities of blueprints and notes and implants
  • Custom Skinned Mammoth Saddle & Sabertooth Saddles
  • Storage Boxes now only use slots, not weight
  • New Cosmetic: Dino Spectacles (Respawn to get them, or if necessary send them through the Steam Inventory using Obelisks)
  • Major improvement to asynchronous background streaming, resulting in smoother overall performance when moving through the environment
  • Can now adjust a setting for whether you want your dino to auto-collect inventory from things it kills
  • Locked Doors now always accessible by Tribemates (PIN-coded doors follow the governance setting)
  • fixed fall damage to never get a super high instantaneous velocity, is now time-based.
  • fixed water jar blueprint
  • Supply Drops now give crafted items again, albeit at adjusted rates
  • Ahora el gobierno de una tribu puede restablecerse
  • Ahora las criaturas voladoras infligirán un 60 % menos de daño a las estructuras
  • Guns/explosives are 20% more effective against dinos
  • Doubled number of item slots on "Smithy", "Fabricator", etc
  • Flyer-carried characters are now dropped if line-of-sight is broken, can't go thru structures
  • Flyer-carried characters' inventory weights are now added to the carrying Flyer's inventory Weight
  • Dino Saddle's have had their armor reduced by 50%. (This change was not mentioned in the official patch notes)[citation needed]