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Fecha de lanzamiento: 13 de julio de 2015

Cambios y correcciones:

  • Missed This: Raw Prime Meat is now 1/3rd as fast as it was previously to tame (it's equivalent to Raw Meat) -- but same Affinity. Kibble is 1/2 as fast as Raw Prime Meat was previously to tame. We will be adjusting these back to more-or-less their previous speeds in our next major Update.
  • Fixed the Enchanted Lake Of Wonders... well, the lake that was missing water physics, more specifically ;)
  • You can now equip the Spyglass while riding on a dino. Note that doing so will always zoom-in with it (since we don't want to steal the Right Mouse Button input); simply unequip it to stop zooming.
  • Hopeful fix for players/dinos after load falling thru floors
  • Server Hosts can now configure per-DinoClass Wild & Tamed Health and Damage Multipliers in their INI (nerf those flyers in Primitive!), and these apply dynamically
  • Se ha corregido un error por el que el agua de un tanque de agua no se almacenaba correctamente
  • Fixed tamed dino level bonuses not holding when taming across save games, and speed getting messed up, and Auto XP not applying
  • Se ha corregido un exploit relacionado con una cantidad infinita de oxígeno estando bajo el agua
  • Fixed a case where by swimming at a certain angle you could almost completely avoid losing stamina
  • Attacking when in water while riding no longer causes a movement de-sync
  • Fixed amphibious stamina recovery while in water, now it's very fast as intended.
  • Dino Stats are now retained properly when uploading/downloading across maps
  • Fixed a bug where Wild Dinos were not naturally recovering their Torpor over time
  • Max Level increased by 4 for Players and Dinos
  • Configurable Low/Medium/Far Targeting & Wander Range for Pets
  • Omni Electric Lamp
  • Reinforced Ceiling-Door and Reinforced Window-Door
  • Industrial Multi-Grill!
  • Two new tripwire traps: audio alarm and gas bomb!
  • Audio-Alarm Away & Offline raiding notifications, Phase 1!
  • Eggs for all animals and circle-of-life 'Taming Efficiency' boosting per-dino Egg-Kibbles!
  • Customizable Bandwidth setting for players to choose a bandwidth appropriate to their own connection. Can further improve structure-streaming speed, if you have sufficient bandwidth to handle it as a client. (Can also eliminate any remaining DC's if you reduce it and you're on a lower bandwidth connection.)
  • Improved AMD Shadow flickering fix
  • Destroying a Behemoth Gate Frame will now also destroy the Behemoth Gate within it
  • Current Day # & Time is now displayed on the Spawn/Character Creation UI

ARK Dev Kit Changes

  • Mods can now add engrams and items without having to override the Master Item List or the Engram List—they can simply Add Engrams using the "Additional Engrams" array, can also remap existing Engrams to new classes using the "Remap Engrams" array, and items don't have to be in the Master Item List to be used anymore—if they're referenced, they just will naturally get used (and consequently, existing saved items in people's save files will not get messed up anymore!)
  • Mods that change the player class now still get armor attached properly