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Released - 18 August 2015

  • Max Player level raised to 80 and max player XP raised to 185,000
  • Various improvements to the Dye UI layout and flow (you can now switch dyes dynamically when dying items, etc)
  • AZERTY/Slovak Keyboard bindings now work
  • _THE_ TRIBE BUG IS FIXED! No more randomly messed-up Tribes!!!! (going forward ;)
  • We now support global, dynamic Official Server bans. So please please don't use hacks, or we'll have to find out, and then we will have to ban... :( . Also, player run servers will have the option of using our global ban list, or pointing to any online ban list that they want.
  • ARK Server Manager now works remotely and can install/manage Mods/Maps/TC's remotely :)
  • New Dino: Gigantopithecus: Your autonomous Fiber-gathering, helmet-wearing, human-tossing buddy-for-life!
  • New Items: SCUBA Gear set. Heck yeah!
  • New option to use toggle-talk instead of push-to-talk
  • Being Kicked from a session during connection (including Bans) no longer results in you getting stuck a loading screen. Now you'll actually get back to the main menu with correct message.
  • Fixed a SpawnEgg() load crash some people were getting
  • Added a server-configurable chat spam interval
  • Fixed an issue with destroying wires causing destroying of attached objects
  • Fixed a color modifier brightness exploit
  • Made Omni Lamp brighter
  • Fixed issue with not getting more Jerky created from Preserving Bin if you already have Jerky+Meat in it
  • Lazarus Chowder now lasts 10 min instead of 15 min