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Fecha de lanzamiento: 25 de agosto de 2015

Cambios y correcciones:

  • New Creature: Doedicurus! You're gonna love his totally awesome special abilities, that go further than the Dossier -- let's just say, The Blue Blur might be making an appearance on ARK :)
  • New Item: Primitive Organic Automated Turret
  • New Item: Automatic Spray-Paint 'Gun'
  • Do a Barrell Roll! Ptero's can now unleash a devastating Barrell Roll Attack+Speed-Boost with the Crouch button ([C] by default)
  • Servers can now edit a multiplier for player and dino level-upgrade amounts per-stat (and also different numbers in the case of wild dinos).
  • Prevent-Friendly-Fire option for PvE servers
  • Shooting arrows/projectiles at unconscious tiny dinos now actually hits them properly
  • Fixed aiming of character weapon shooting when carried by a Flyer (previously was very difficult to hit stuff due to a bug)
  • Added server option to disable "Friendly Fire" (among tribesmates/tribesdinos/tribesstructures) on PvE
  • Whistles and other attached sounds now play properly when riding dinos
  • Emotes now work properly when riding dinos
  • Fixed another exploit involving players getting under the terrain, and if you do get under the terrain somehow you will be teleported back above it.
  • You can now attach electric generators to electric cables after placing cables, they will snap accordingly
  • Fixed an exploit where filled water containers could be used forever in recipes that require a filled water container
  • Fixed an exploit where you could fill water canteens/jars up fully at a watertank even if you did not have enough water to do so (essentially allowing you to infinitely generate water).
  • Fixed issues where you could erroneously create floating structures using fence foundations + pillars
  • The destruction time of eggs on the ground is now the same for all eggs, 30 min
  • Radio Engram exists again
  • Gigantopithecus now requires Survivor Level 40 to Tame. This is a stopgap for the eventual introduction of a non-violent Taming Skill.