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Fecha de lanzamiento: 28 de agosto de 2015

Cambios y correcciones:

  • New Creature: Mesopithecus! This little buddy can ride on your shoulder and help you out of all sorts of scraps... ;)
  • Se ha añadido un nuevo arma: la granada de humo
  • "Survival of the Fittest: Unnatural Selection" (game mode, Tournament begins Saturday)
  • Angled Roofs! Courtesy of MechanizedIT, thank you, you're the best!!
  • Max Tamed Dino cap on Official Servers properly raised to 5500
  • Species X Plants will now auto-heal properly, phew!
  • Folders on Engrams list stay visible correctly when re-opening Crafting Menu
  • Creating a Tribe while Taming a Dino no longer loses the Tame
  • Sarco buff
  • Fixed bug with limiting NPC's when using certain mods (i.e. bug would cause huge # of Plesios underwater)
  • Gigantopithecus can now manually harvest fiber

Patch size: 492.0 MB