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Released - 14 October, 2015

  • Fixed durability per shot on Tranq rifle
  • Non-Platform (regular) Quetz Saddle
  • Sit on chairs & benches
  • Mosasaurus: Terror of the Deep!
  • Creature Breeding & Babies First Pass! Yes, they grow dynamically in real-time!
  • Characters no longer bunny-hop when swimming up from the water surface
  • Engrams no longer count against maximum inventory item limit
  • Shotgun damage increased by 40% for Primitive Shotgun, 30% for Machined Shotgun
  • Dinos can no longer damage structures through underside of ceilings
  • Changed savedata loading code to support super-large saves.
  • Antispeedhack now has a commandline bias you can use on your server (can cause more rubberbanding on laggy players). Defaults to 1.0, you can launch with it such as: -speedhackbias=0.25f
  • Buffed tranq dart torpidity by 20% and reduced tranq dart crafting cost to 1 rifle bullet, 2 metal ingots, and 3 narcotics
  • Fixed misc level bugs, including bad physics zones, non-buildable submerged ice caves, unreachable supply drops etc

New Server Game.ini configurable values: