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Released - December 18th, 2019

Server Version - 304.22

  • Fixed a collision issue with Velonasaurs
  • Fixed a network desync related to Velonasaurs
  • Fixed a client crash related to Velonasaurs
  • Fixed a client FPS bug related to Velonasaurs
  • Fixed a bug which allowed MEKs to be invulnerable to various types of damage
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Managarmrs to use their ice breath underwater/whilst swimming
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Velonasaurs to shoot endlessly in turret mode without draining stam
  • Fixed two damage miscalculation bugs with the Managarmr pounce and Velonasaur AOE Needle Spin
  • Fixed an exploit related to turret damage
  • Velonasaurs will now consume stamina whilst in AI-turret mode
  • Managarmr limited to 3 jumps, 5 strafes, and 1 dash before it has to land
  • Reduced Managarmr ice-breath exponential damage scaling by approximately 20%
  • Reduced Velonasaur recovery time (how much time is required to pass before the Velonsaur starts regenerating stamina) from 4 seconds to 1 second