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Released - June 10th, 2021 - Minor version server update

  • Fixed a bug where Loot Crates would only give primitive quality items
  • Added Giant Bee bees to GEN2 (recommending ForceRespawnDinos/killing dinos if you don't see them)
  • Added Keratin Keratin & Chitin Chitin to the Meat Plants in the Corrupt Cave
  • Reduced crafting time of Cementing Paste Cementing Paste to 1 second from 5 seconds
  • Fixed multiple server side and client crashes
  • Fixed a bug where Mek MEKs could not harvest meat
  • Fixed a bug where the Maewing Maewing would not slide properly on water
  • Fixed a bug where the Minigun (Genesis Part 2) Minigun would revert its quality when being placed on the ground
  • Fixed some turret tracking bugs and improved turret tracking against TEK explosive arrows and other projectiles in low FPS. (More improvements to come)
  • Turrets will now destroy TEK Explosive arrows in an AOE upon impact
  • Fixed a bug where the Tek Bow (Genesis Part 2) TEK Bow was not requiring its Engram to equip
  • Fixed some mission and item typos/descriptions
  • Fixed a bug where race missions would count your weight, forcing you to move mockingly slow.
  • Prevented C4 Charge C4 from being attached to the Canoe (Genesis Part 2) Canoe
  • Fixed a bug with the Noglin Noglin when attaching to tamed dinos it would "untame" them.
  • Removed a bunch of invalid items (such as carnivore seeds) from the files.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to tame mission dinos and have retroactively destroyed them.
  • Fixed a server side crash
  • Improved Astrodelphis Space Dolphin shooter mission hit registration