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Arenas Mortales
Deathsands (Ragnarok)
Ragnarok Topographic Map

Las Arenas Mortales (Deathsands en la versión original del juego) es una de las regiones disponibles en la expansión "Ragnarok" de ARK: Survival Evolved.


This is a dangerous region with massive dunes covered in large insects and Vulture Vulture. Also, Thorny Dragon Thorny Dragon and Arthropluera Arthropluera roam the lower areas in search of prey. The best way to survive the deathsands is to travel with either a fast flying mount, or a Wyvern Wyvern. Mantis Mantis and Deathworm Deathworm are among the most dangerous threats encountered on foot. Drops containing rare loot can be found periodically within the desert. If you spend too long in the Deathsands during daytime, your character will suffer from heat stroke that will slowly intensify over time. The Deathsands biome is useful for both its Deep Sea Loot Crate Desert Loot Crates and Organic Polymer Organic Polymer harvested from Mantis, and is one of the two ways to collect Deathworm Horns from Deathworms on the map.


The Deathsands is primarily composed of sand dunes. Few features of note exist, save for the few oasis that serve as rest stops for travellers. No water exists except for in these small havens of life. The bones of massive creatures litter this area, a testament to its inhospitability. To the west lies a ruined city, slowly being claimed by the desert.


Very Common[]


  • Oil Jug Bug Oil Jug Bug
  • Water Jug Bug Water Jug Bug



  • Deathworm Deathworm
  • Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus

Very Rare[]

  • Titanosaur Titanosaur
  • Alpha T-Rex


  • Berries Berries
  • Crystal Crystal
  • Fiber Fiber
  • Flint Flint
  • Metal Metal
  • Obsidian Obsidian
  • Oil Oil
  • Raw Salt Raw Salt
  • Sand Sand
  • Silk Silk
  • Stone Stone
  • Thatch Thatch
  • Wood Wood