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Código Rojo
Hack into the genomicarchive to stop Rockwell from corrupting the creature files, and prevent his vengeful supervirus from re-hacking the system!
Genesis: Part 2
Genesis Ship mainframe
Capacidad de jugadores
5 players
Time Limit

Cantidad base
Hexagon Icon.png 1900
Bonif. por primera vez
Hexagon Icon.png 2280

Cantidad base
Hexagon Icon.png 11400

Cantidad base
Hexagon Icon.png 30400

World Effect
24px Hexagon Reward Bonus: Biobank error in your favor...

+0.2 multiplier

+0.2 multiplier

+0.2 multiplier
1d 12h

Code Red is a Mission in Genesis: Part 2. This mission permits 1 tamed creature per survivor present.


Things to bring[]

  • A stack of Medical Brew, Stimulant
  • Lesser Antidote
  • The free exo suit (for the pipes section)
  • A good set of armor (or 2)
  • 30 grappling hooks and a glider
  • Guns for the pipe section, preferably a Tek Rifle as it has knockback, and a shotgun
  • A powerful mount such as a Reaper King, Ferox or Shadowmane. Make sure it has meat in its inventory for extra healing.
  • Focal Chili and Lazarus Chowder (for stamina regen)
  • Food and water
  • A Tek Phase Pistol (Genesis: Part 2) and a cryopod (optional) for the boss fight


Phase 1: Reach the gate[]

The dungeon is a massive maze in this phase, skim through the entirety of this phase, while fending against the VR creatures present within until reaching the admin panel.

Phase 2: Gain admin access to open the gate[]

After failing to unlock the gate, you will need to go through the pipes to gain admin access. A Ferox can be very useful here. Watch out for Arthropluera, use the exo suit to avoid getting your main armor damaged. Try not to get knocked unconscious by the Araneo. The part with the Defense Units can be cheesed with a grappling hook. Defend yourself while the gate opens and advance to the Containment Area.

Phase 3: Protect the Biopods[]

There are a total of 12 biopods across this part of the dungeon. All VR creatures will target after each biopod, destroying it if they are left to allow it. At least 1 biopod must survive to progress.

The creatures suspended in statis inside the biopod will thank you in a way later on at the last phase of the mission.

The following dino are trapped in their Biopod:

Phase 4: Purge the final virus[]

Continue past the Containment Room and rush over to the door leading to the Experimentation room, overriding terminal within to restore the door power to it. Inside the test Subject Storage contains tons of already corrupted VR creatures in a biopod, bursting out within activation of terminal nearby. Use grappling hooks and a Glider Suit Skin (Aberration) on alpha difficulty, so you can avoid fighting them.

Phase 5: Exterminate Experiment G[]

Upon reaching the Experimentation Room, in front lies an enraged Experimental Giganotosaurus, fully twisted and tainted by Rockwell. It instantly burst out of its biopod within moments after entering the room.

Any creature that were rescued from Phase 3 will join in the battle. However, if only a few were rescued, don't expect too much from it as in its enraged state, it can easily kill them off. The creature that assist you are based on whatever was inside the protected biopod.

Killing the Giganotosaurus will finish the mission. Use grappling hooks to reach the safe areas near the top of the room. Use a Tek Phase Pistol (Genesis: Part 2) to kill the giga within the time limit. You can put your dino in a cryopod before the section starts to avoid losing it.



  • Rescued Dino are temporarily tamed (with 100% Taming efficiency) with full purple color on its body during the last phase after Experimental Giganotosaurus bursts out, with high melee stat.
  • Rescued Dino cannot be whistled on command, as they are scripted to always go after the Experimental Giganotosaurus.
    • Pachyrhinosaurus won't use any of its smoke ability
    • Chalicotherium won't throw Feces or Rock
    • Argentavis won't get the healing buff as VR creatures decay immediately with no chance of harvesting.

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