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Comando de generación
admincheat summon DodoRex_Character_BP_C
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/DodoRex/DodoRex_Character_BP.DodoRex_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 35
Se puede montar
Se puede criar
Check mark.svg Unknown1
X mark.svg No
X mark.svg No

1 Only during Turkey Trial

XP Por Muerte
120 XP
Objetos al cazarlo
Prob. de conseguir botín
Tamaño de heces

El DodoRex (DodoRex en la versión original del juego) es una de las criaturas disponibles en ARK: Survival Evolved

Descripción[editar | editar código]

Esta criatura fue creada por un fan del juego, y se implementó en el juego como parte del evento "ARK: Fear Evolved". También puede conseguirse en otro eventos variados desde dicho lanzamiento.

Comportamiento[editar | editar código]

  • Movimiento: el DodoRex es muy rápido y puede correr más que la mayoría de las criaturas del juego durante periodos de tiempo cortos. También puede nadar muy bien, moviéndose increíblemente rápido en el agua.
  • AtAques: The DodoRex has two attacks. The melee damage attack is focused forward only, it is a small AOE that appears to only harm about a 30 degree cone in front of it. Its fire breath attack appears to be a frontal AOE affecting a 90 degree+ area. The DodoRex cannot use his frontal fire AOE while he is swimming in the water. The DodoRex can damage metal structures; he obliterates metal foundations/walls within seconds. He is also stronger than the dragon boss.
  • Health: It has 666,666 health points in the wild at level 1 (usually the level it spawns at). It also regenerates 250 hit points per second.[1] With its health regeneration and high HP pool, it will likely take multiple players and multiple resources to even lose a small amount of his total hit point pool.

Spawning[editar | editar código]

  • ARK: Fear Evolved, ARK: Fear Evolved 2, ARK: Fear Evolved 3 and ARK: Fear Evolved 4: The DodoRex spawns every third day at midnight in a random location of The Island, giving about 7 minutes for the players to kill it. When it spawns, a message appears to every online player stating The DodoRex has appeared and the moon turns orange with a silhouette of the DodoRex's head, and no more will be spawned until three 24 min cycles have passed. It is advised to gather multiple tribes and split up scout areas around the 20:00 on the night of the third 24 min cycle, giving you 4 minutes to get into a nice spread set of positions to locate it faster.
  • ARK: Turkey Trial: the Dodorex can be summoned and claimed at a cooking pot using 1000 × Wishbone.png Wishbones. It is rideable without saddle and will stay for 15 minutes before disappearing.
  • ARK: Turkey Trial 2, ARK: Turkey Trial 3 and ARK: Turkey Trial 4: the Dodorex can be summoned and claimed at a cooking pot using 400 × Wishbone.png Wishbones. It is rideable without saddle and will stay for 25 minutes before disappearing.
  • ARK: Winter Wonderland: The DodoRex can be summoned and claimed at a cooking pot using 166 × Coal.png Coal.
  • ARK: Winter Wonderland 2: The DodoRex can be summoned and claimed at a cooking pot using 300 × Coal.png Coal.
  • ARK: Eggcellent Adventure: The DodoRex can be summoned and claimed at a cooking pot using 600 × Bunny Egg.png Bunny Egg.
  • ARK: Awesome Anniversary: The DodoRex can be summoned and claimed at a cooking pot using 100 × Birthday Cake.png Birthday Cake. It is rideable without saddle and will stay for 30 minutes before disappearing.

Aspecto[editar | editar código]

A primera vista, tiene el aspecto de un Tiranosaurio grande y con plumas, pero con la cabeza de un Dodo. Su cuerpo está cubierto en su mayoría por plumas marrones y marrones oscuras, con algunas zonas en dorado. La cabeza, la parte frontal del cuello, el estómago, la parte baja de las patas y la cola tienen un tono grisáceo azulado con pequeños toques en beige. All bald areas have visible fissures, but the tail and very lower part of the underbelly exclusively have neon blue stripes. The arms represent the modern reconstruction of Dromaeosaurs with feathers making the shape of small bird wings, except there is only one visible finger on each hand. The head is Tyrannosaurus-like in shape and is mostly dandelion yellow with bulged, dodo-like beak parts at the front that are colored black while slightly rusted with pale brown. Small growths appear on top of the tip of the beak.

The mouth contains sixteen fangs on the lower jaw and eighteen fangs on the upper jaw. There also appears to be no lips to cover the fangs. The two back fangs of the upper jaw are just behind where the modioli terminate. The upper jaw also has visible skull indents made by the orbit, the theantorbital fenestrae, and two unknown fenestrae above, leaving a darker shade of dandelion yellow on all but the orbit indents. The back of the lower jaw appears to have small bumps. The eyes are tiny and yellowish orange with black pupils. Above the orbits are extended brows similar to that of a Carnotaurus, but terminate in obstioderms. The feet are Theropod-like with scaled plating on the top and front. The scaled plating terminates under the knees. Each claw is peach-like white with rust-like, grey texturing.

Esquema de colores y regiones[editar | editar código]

X mark.svg

Esta criatura siempre aparece con el mismo esquema de color y no tiene regiones de color.

Esto implica que es imposible realizar modificaciones sobre el color natural de DodoRex.

Objetos obtenidos tras cazarlo[editar | editar código]

Achievement Fear Evolved DodoRex Hunter.jpg
Fear Evolved: DodoRex Hunter

You hunted down and slayed the elusive DodoRex, and claimed its army of Zombie Dodos!

Estadísticas base y crecimiento[editar | editar código]

Ten en cuenta, que las estadísticas podrán variar en ARK:Survival of the fittest, y en ARK:Mobile

Estadísticas básicas
Atributos Cantidad a nivel 1 Aumento por cada punto Bonif. por domesticación
Salvaje Domesticado1 Add Mult
Health.png Salud 666666 +133333.2 +5.4%
Stamina.png Energía 1666 +166.6 +10%
Oxygen.png Oxígeno 150 +15 +10%
Food.png Comida 3000 +300 +10%
Weight.png Peso 500 +10 +4%
Melee Damage.png Daño cuerpo a cuerpo 6662 +33.3 +1.7% 17.6%
Movement Speed.png Velocidad de Movimiento 100% N/A3 +1%
Torpidity.png Inconsciencia 1550 +93 N/A4 0.5

1Los porcentajes se basan en el valor de la estadística al momento de ser domesticada(Es decir, después de aplicarse la efectividad de tameo.)
2Aquí, se muestra el Daño base en bruto, en lugar de mediante porcentajes.
3Las criaturas salvajes no incrementan su velocidad de movimiento al subir de nivel.
4La Inconsciencia aumenta con los niveles, pero no puede ser subida manualmente una vez ha sido domesticada.

Velocidad de movimiento
Tipo de movimiento Velocidad base Corriendo Energía usada
Salvaje Domesticado
Caminando 1300 2860 2860 -40

Stamina Cost Attack Range Description
Base Minimum Activation

The fire-breath attack yields up to 2000 damage (probably depending on the number of flames the target is covered with) and is applied over the duration of 10s. The flame-damage is not affected by the Melee Damage-Stat and thus cannot be increased by level-ups.

Aumento de estadísticas al subir nivel en estado salvaje

Escribe los valores de la criatura salvaje para revisar en que estadísticas sobresale más. Los valores marcados con verde en una criatura de alto nivel son muy buenos para la crianza/reproducción. Si ya has domesticado una criatura, puedes intentar recuperar la información que tenía cuando era salvaje con la siguiente herramienta: ARK Stats Extractor.


Nota: después de que la criatura sea domesticada, conseguirá algunas bonificaciones a sus estadísticas dependiendo de la efectividad del domesticado. Esto dificulta el obtener los niveles precisos de una criatura domesticada, por lo que esta calculadora te ayudará mucho, ya que está pensada para dinosaurios salvajes únicamente. Con ella, podrás tener una idea sobre la distribución de las estadísticas de una criatura.

Combate[editar | editar código]

Esta sección describe cómo enfrentarse a un DodoRex.

General[editar | editar código]

Even though the DodoRex is an event only creature, its existence should not be taken lightly, it can destroy metal structures and take on hordes of high-level dinosaurs. If another tribe summons it to take on your base, pull all of your forces together and target the DodoRex before anything else. Be warned that if a tribe is dedicated enough to summon one of these creatures on you, (a very costly endeavor in itself) they likely hold some kind of grudge against you.

Estrategia[editar | editar código]

A good strategy to kill a Dodorex is to lure it into the ocean where it can't use its fire. You can then attack with some Mosasaurus.png Mosasaurus and Plesiosaur.png Plesiosaur from behind, or use the more powerful Basilosaurus.png Basilosaurus. You can also have one Quetzal.png Quetzal with a few platform saddles or an Argentavis.png Argentavis, use a Grappling Hook on the Argentavis (Or stand on the saddle, in the case of the Quetzal), and fire at it from above. Make sure this is done away from the ocean, so its fire breath cannot reach you.

Managarmr.png Managarmrs can also be used to briefly stun the Dodorex as well as deal large amounts of damage, while Wyvern.png Wyverns can use their special attacks to heavily injure it.

Armamento[editar | editar código]

If taken to the water, use dinos with powerful attacks like the Mosasaurus.png Mosasaurus, Megalodon.png Megalodon, or Basilosaurus.png Basilosaurus. Avoid using faster water mounts, as speed and circling around the Dodorex will only waste stamina and get your tame killed. The best dino choices here would be a damage-focused Basilosaurus with a mate boost and possible Yutyrannus.png Yutyrannus on a raft. If faced on land, use Managarmr to freeze the beast, while Allosaurus.png Allosaurus, Rex.png Tyrannosaurus, Spino.png Spinosaurus and other attackers can focus it down. Wyverns are able to deal an immense amount of damage, but be careful with AI special attacks as they may deal friendly fire. Not the case for Tropical Crystal Wyverns however!

Peligros[editar | editar código]

The DodoRex has two attacks: melee and fire-breath. Both of these can easily kill an unprepared player. Keep a safe distance if you encounter one, and it won't be able to damage you. Try standing on a Quetzal platform saddle and shooting from above if you are having trouble with the aforementioned strategies.

Weakness[editar | editar código]

The DodoRex can easily kill any tamed creature or player quickly unless attacking from range. However, the Dodorex is weakened in water and can be bled out by Thylacoleo.png Thylacoleo, Carnotaurus.png Carnotaurus, and Allosaurus.png Allosaurus.

The DodoRex also spawns at a set level, and thus the Basilosaurus strategy will always work no matter the difficulty.

Notas / Información adicional[editar | editar código]

  • The DodoRex is actually a user-made creature by DragonAsis and Drugged Kaddy [2]
  • In Ark Digest #11 it was asked if the DodoRex will be implemented. It was confirmed that "it will make a limited-event appearance on certain, very special days this year." [3]
  • The DodoRex dossier was released in parts, starting on 25 September 2015 on Twitter with a picture of a torn, blooded page, followed few hours later by the DodoRex graphic on Steam with a description: "This is a strange Dossier, it was found by itself, covered in blood, among a pile of gnarled bones. We expect to have more information over the next couple of weeks as we continue to research the cause of this spooky atrocity!"
  • El DodoRex es casi tan grande como un Giganotosaurus.png Giganotosaurio.
  • DodoRex is also by far one of the strongest and hardest creature to kill in the game due to its very large HP pool, powerful attacks, fast speed, and fast health regeneration.
  • The blood on the dossier suggests the writer died or was injured after sighting the DodoRex.
  • The Fear Evolved Soundtrack can be heard when the player is near the DodoRex.
  • Prior to the 225.1 patch, the DodoRex would award the Rex Dossier when killed.
  • There is no in-game dossier for the DodoRex anymore.
  • The DodoRex is one of the only creatures in the game that can effectively take down beasts like the Titanosaur.png Titanosaur and Giganotosaurus
  • Despite being the Hybrid between Dodo and Rex, DodoRex itself actually shares Spinosaur's animation(especially biting).
  • The DodoRex's health of 666666, stamina of 1666, and melee damage of 666 all reference the number of the beast, 666; this number is often associated with evil.

Changelog[editar | editar código]

Patch Changes
221.0 Added the Dodorex.png Dodorex, Zomdodo.png ZomDodo, and the DodoRex Mask Skin.png DodoRex Mask Skin for the ARK: Fear Evolved event
  • Improved DodoRex AI
  • Fixed a case where ZomDodo army and DodoRex could despawn
225.1 The DodoRex dossier is now given when claiming it
237.1 Summoned DodoRex is now auto-tamed and doesn't run forward forever

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