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Dunas Centrales
Central Dunes (Scorched Earth).jpg
A safer variant of the dunes surrounding the map.
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Las Dunas Centrales (Central Dunes en la versión original del juego) es una de las regiones disponibles en la expansión "Scorched Earth" de ARK: Survival Evolved.


Much like the Dunes surrounding the map, the Central Dunes hosts a variety of predators, however due to being disconnected from the rest of the Dunes, it lacks some of the more dangerous creatures like the elusive Deathworm and the vicious Titanoboa. This doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about, as the occasional Vulture may still prove to be annoying.




  • Oil Jug Bug
  • Water Jug Bug


Very Rare[]


  • Flint
  • Sand
  • Stone
  • Water

From local creatures[]

  • Chitin
  • Hide
  • Oil
  • Organic Polymer
  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Silk
  • Spoiled Meat
  • Water


  • This location has 100% Wind Turbine Scorched Earth Icon.png efficiency.

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