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Ensenada de Drayo
Drayo's Cove
Small region in the Southern Islets


This sea inlet starts at the steep coastal cliffs and leads inland to end at a deep ravine.


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  • Alpha Carnotaurus Alpha Carnotaurus
  • Alpha Raptor Alpha Raptor
  • Alpha T-Rex Alpha T-Rex
  • Diplodocus Diplodocus
  • Ichthyosaurus Ichthyosaurus
  • Megalodon Megalodon
  • Rex Rex
  • Sarco Sarco
  • Spino Spino
  • Tapejara Tapejara
  • Tek Parasaur Tek Parasaur
  • Tek Raptor Tek Raptor
  • Tek Stego Tek Stego
  • Titanosaur Titanosaur

Very Rare[]


  • Berries Berries
  • Fiber Fiber
  • Flint Flint
  • Stone Stone
  • Thatch Thatch
  • Wood Wood


  • Drayo's Cove is an ideal location for a port in the southern section of the map. It has a deep mouth coming from the sea and progressively becomes shallower allowing for the storage of many different sized sea mounts.
  • This is a known spawn for Carnos, Alpha Raptors, Therizinosaurs and rarely Alpha Carnos, so heavy fortification and base defense are recommended to safely build here.
  • In the multiple small streams leading to the sea there are quite a few rounded river stones which have a relatively large (to normal rocks) chance of getting metal. With a metal pick you should get 1 metal per 1-2 rocks. Richer metal nodes are relatively close by to the north, west and south (Herbivore Island).