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Hey Chemilux! So not entirely sure what you mean, but all of the files on the are connected to the -es namespace, you can use them in the same way as you would on the english wiki. For instance, Hide on the english wiki, should show up at File:Hide.png -> (which redirects to Archivo:Hide.png for spanish). Find any file and add -es after ark to the domain, and you'll get the same file, or at least should. If not there's an error, and let me know and I can have some people look into it. You can use them interchangeably on the Spanish translation, with either the File: or the Archivo: Does that make sense?

Also, not sure if you joined or left or didn't hear about it, but if you want there's the slack group that you might find useful. Let me know if that fixes it, or if you're still having issues. -z

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I'll try to explain. In the -es page:

The problem is that, as the names of the pages are different (Wooden Wall is translated as Pared de Madera, so the name of the page is different), when I use <nowiki>{ItemLink|Pared de Madera}</nowiki>, the page shows "20px Pared de Madera" instead the image and the name, because it is looking for the file <nowiki>File:Pared de Madera.png</nowiki>, and this file does not exists. If we do the same with "Thatch Wall" and "Pared de Paja", it works fine, because identify that <nowiki>File:Pared de Paja.png</nowiki> is the same than <nowiki>File:Thatch Wall.png</nowiki>, and redirects anyway, and the image shows ok. But there is no redirect in <nowiki>File:Pared de Paja.png</nowiki>. I don't know how this redirects or links to the image.

if I search for <nowiki>File:Pared_de_Paja.png</nowiki>, redirects me to the original <nowiki>File:Thatch Wall.png</nowiki> but if search for <nowiki>File:Pared de Madera.png</nowiki>, there is no file with the specified name.

I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what exactly...

I'll also try the slack group.