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Wooden Club
A strong wooden club for taming low level dinosaurs and collecting resources.
Daño cuerpo a cuerpo
Cadencia de tiro
1.7 RPS
Inconsciencia inducida
70 (-1.5 per use)
Comando de generación
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/PrimitivePlusMod/Items/Weapons/PrimalItem_WeaponWoodenClub.PrimalItem_WeaponWoodenClub'" 1 0 0
Nivel requerido
Puntos de engrama
6 PE
EXP al fabricar
5.6 EXP

El garrote (Wooden Club en la versión original del juego) es una de las armas disponibles en la expansión "Primitive+ de ARK: Survival Evolved


Este arma no debe confundirse con el garrote del juego original. Podrás conseguirla en etapas iniciales del juego y podrás domesticar criaturas pequeñas usándolo. El garrote se usa para aumentar la Inconsciencia en una criatura, siendo bastante malo infligiéndole daño. Al tener mayor calidad, infligirá más daño e Inconsciencia (al igual que al tener un mayor valor de Daño Cuerpo a Cuerpo). El garrote es la primera manera que desbloqueará para inmovilizar de forma efectiva a criaturas pequeñas. Una vez inconsciente, las criaturas no podrán defenderse y podrán ser domesticadas con facilidad.

The club is especially useful for low level players to tame their first creatures. Together with a Bola, many harmless creatures can be tamed with ease. Taming carnivores or strong herbivores is dangerous because they can defend themselves in melee range. With a Bola, small creatures like Dilofosaurio can be immobilised and then knocket out quickly.

As the game progresses, the meaning of the club disappears. On the one hand, because the club is replaced at level 40 by the Metal Hammer, which causes twice as much torpor damage and is much longer lasting. On the other hand, taming with ranged weapons like the Bow is easier for several reasons: you do not have to go into melee range and therefore you are less likely to be injured or killed by stronger prey. Instead, you can lure dangerous animals and knock them out from a safe distance. In addition, fleeing prey is easier to hunt down. Por estos motivos, el garrote ya no se usa si tienes una ballesta a mano.

Arma Daño Inconsciencia inducida Durabilidad Pérdida de durabilidad Golpes por segundo
Garrote 2.5 9 70 1.5 1.7
Martillo de metal 4 18 80(?) 0.03(?) 1.7


  • Se recomienda tener a mano más de un garrote para su uso en domesticados, ya que su durabilidad disminuye muy rápidamente.
  • If a player increases their melee damage up to 200%, they can induce the same amount of torpor that they would cause with 100% and using a Metal Hammer (Primitive Plus). However, while a Hammer breaks after several hundred hits, a club endures only ≈45. On the other hand, a wooden club can be repaired very quickly in a player's inventory, while a Hammer needs to be repaired in a Smithy or something similar.

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