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La Guarida
The Lair (Valguero).jpg
Interior Map

Valguero SpiderCave TheLair.jpg

Valguero Topographic Map.jpg
73.1° Lat, 40.6° Lon
Artifact of the Strong.png
Artifact of the Strong
72.2° Lat, 36.5° Lon
Artifact of the Immune.png
Artifact of the Immune
74.3° Lat, 35.8° Lon
Artifact of the Pack.png
Artifact of the Pack
70.1° Lat, 39.2° Lon
Loot Quality
Blue Crate.png Blue
Yellow Crate.png Yellow
Red Crate.png Red

The Lair (more commonly referred to as Spider Cave) is a region in the Valguero DLC.


The Lair is a cave system located in the southern ends of the Valguero map in the midst of the Redwood Forests. Beware of the Broodmother who nests at the entrance with her swarm of Araneos.


  • Poisonous Gas (Negated by wearing Gas Masks or full set SCUBA)
  • 3x Creature level limit, up to Lv.450 by default settings
  • Broodmother guarding the entrance (Evitable)
  • Catching Swamp Fever from Diseased Leeches
  • Meganeura and Leech swarm


Muy comunes[]


Poco comunes[]

  • 30px Sanguijuela Enferma

Muy poco comunes[]


Muy raras[]


From Local Creatures[]

  • Chitin
  • Hide
  • Leech Blood
  • Oil
  • Organic Polymer
  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Silica Pearls
  • Titanoboa Venom

Compatible Tamed Creature[]

  • If a creature is blocked by the first choke point(the double holes), it won't be able to reach any artifacts and will be marked as "Not Recommended".
  • If blocked by the second one(crouching needed), it can at least clear the way to Artifact of the Pack and Artifact of the Strong.
  • Bloodstalkers can fit through the entire length of the cave and can easily get past the underwater part, as well as dispatching Arthros from a distance, arguably the best mount for the cave. (Note there seems to be a glitch where if you die while riding a Dino, that Dino will fall through the map)

This table is incomplete.
Tu puedes ayudar añadiendo las criaturas domesticadas que conoces que entran en la cueva. Si la criatura no puede entrar en la cueva, porfavor excluyala.

Accessibility Ratings:

  • Excelente: acceso a toda la cueva (desde la entrada hasta el Artefacto)
  • Limitada: puede acceder de forma segura a ciertas partes de la cueva
  • No recomendada: puede quedarse atascado o no salir de la cueva
Criatura Accesibilidad Se puede montar Notas
Beelzebufo Limited
  •  Insect Killer. Blocked by the second choke point.
Deinonychus Excellent
  •  Can exit the chamber of Artifact of the Immune with precise jumping/climbing onto the broken bridge leading to Artifact of the Strong.
Megatherium Not Recommended
  •  Arthropod Killer(including insects). Can fight Broodmother. Blocked by the first choke point.
Raptor Limited
  •  Blocked by the second choke point.


  • The Broodmother is the 4th dungeon boss in the game with the others being the Iceworm Queen in the Frozen dungeon, the Lava Elemental in the Forest dungeon and the Spirit Direbear and Spirit Direwolf in the Lifes Labyrinth dungeon all 3 of which are on Ragnarok.
  • It is highly recommended to take Gas Mask or full SCUBA suit to avoid damages from the gas in the cave. Bring multiple in case they are broken by Arthropluera.
  • Leeches are in this cave so bring the materials to make a fire.
  • There is a part of the cave where even a Raptor/Deinonychus cannot fit that is about halfway through the cave; However a Deinonychus can scale the wall of the cliff/ledge just before the Artifact of the strong and still access that part of the cave. Fully Traversable with a Deinonychus.
  • The entrance is at the bottom of the northern end of the spider trench.
  • The Broodmother spawns outside of the cave itself in the ramp area down to the cave. You can go around her with a Deinonychus by going straight through to the cave, or drop into the trench at the cave entrance.
  • She also takes more damage and deals less damage than the Arena and Island boss versions of the broodmother. Damage taken is somewhere around 3-4x.
  • Health of the Wild Broodmother at level 20 was 578,000. At level 77, 1,166,400. So bring plenty of damage!
  • Strategy to kill can be shooting down from the nearby cliff edges with either a shotgun or other weapons as you deal approx 4x damage. You could also bring four Rexes and use a cryopod to hold them as you go into the cave.
  • Multiple Broodmother can be present at one time.


Level 145 Valguero Lair Broodmother. Singleplayer, official settings.