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The Deep Island
Deep Island
The river that runs north of the Redwood Forest; deep within The Island.

The Deep Island is a conjectural region that covers the river that runs between the Volcano and The Redwood Forests. The name, The Deep Island, used to cover the entirety of the The Redwood Forests before the introduction of the Redwood Forests Biome, referring to the island within the center of map; but is now used to refer to the central area of The Island.

The region name does appear in-game at sporadic intervals along the northern shore of the river, particularly to the west, which may be an oversight on the part of the developers when the new biome was introduced. The majority of this region is simply referred to as "Unknown Region", but has a unique and consistent spawn population.

Part of the region is known colloquially as "Black Sands Beach", due to the ashen colored ground on the riverside south of the Volcano.


The Volcano and The Maw reside to the north and the The Redwood Forests to the south. To the east, the river forks toward Smuggler's Pass and Writhing Swamps, with the river to the west also connecting to the swamp.






  • Berries Berries
  • Fiber Fiber
  • Flint Flint
  • Metal Metal
  • Sap Sap
  • Stone Stone
  • Thatch Thatch
  • Wood Wood


  • It is not rare for creatures from The Redwood Forests, The Maw or Volcano to migrate into this region, such as the Archaeopteryx Archaeopteryx, Castoroides Castoroides or Argentavis Argentavis.