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Las Fauces
The Maw.jpg
A hillside- / valley-region in the North-East
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Las Fauces (The Maw en la versión original del juego) es una de las ubicaciones del mapa "The Island" en ARK: Survival Evolved.


Esta zona es una valle entre The Grand Hills y el sur de The Frozen Tooth. Underneath the resource-rich Frozen Tooth, The Maw can be a dangerous place to humans. It would be wise to explore this area with friends. Allosaurus packs roam freely and raptors are all over the place, it is in no way a good base location.


Eastern Wetlands[]

A writhing tributary infested with slithering and creeping creatures and those that lumber or fly above this quagmire.




Western Coastal[]

Subtropical river populated with large carnivores and even larger herbivores. Smaller Dilophosaur lurk in the thick underbrush of the valleys sandy coast.


Poco comunes[]




The Maw is a good place to live, just be aware of the dinosaurs.