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Los Picos Gemelos
The Twin Peaks (Valguero).jpg
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Los Picos Gemelos (The Twin Peaks en la versión original del juego) es una de las regiones disponibles en la expansión "Valguero" de ARK: Survival Evolved.


Small lake tucked behind a ridgeline, a few second’s walk from the main lake’s southwest shoreline. The entrance is guarded by two massive, distinct rock spires that lean into each other, giving the area its name. These spires can be seen from almost anywhere along the lakeshore and surrounding land, serving as an effective guidepost.

When you spawn in Redwoods Zone 1, you'll usually be close to this Twin Peaks formation. It's easy to spot, and makes a good spot for a base. The narrow passage can be walled up on both ends to create a safe area, as well as a dino entrapment area.

The area to the north is ideal for a first base, as well as exploring the middle depths of the lake, and the northern lake entrance to the abyss. You can get lots of organic polymer from the jellyfish in the area.

A short way to the east of Twin Peaks is a small canyon of rich metal.

Direbears and terror birds can be a headache here.


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