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Released - July 5, 2018

  • On screen button options added for attack and jump
  • New "Last Function Button" in bottom left
  • Vulkan code improvements for better stability and performance across all Android devices
  • Added option to disable hold to dismount control
  • Drop ALL Items available when dropping item stacks from a tamed creature
  • Watching ads now gives double the amber
  • Some pricing changes: Soothing Balm increased to 15 amber, Intense Focus reduced to 35 amber
  • New Level Up flow to multiple point attribution and simplify the process
  • Fixed bug where glaciers would disappear while underwater
  • Fixed bug where tames could be lost permanently if they were in or nearby caves
  • Tweaked crop growth to be 10x faster in single player
  • Better loss prevention when leaving tames at a great distance in single player
  • Fixed auto turret exploit by making their bullets shoot through dead creatures