This template is used for the "Compatible Tamed Creatures" sections of the Cave or Arena pages.

Cave Example

This table is incomplete.
Tu puedes ayudar añadiendo las criaturas domesticadas que conoces que entran en la cueva. Si la criatura no puede entrar en la cueva, porfavor excluyala.

Accessibility Ratings:

  • Excelente: acceso a toda la cueva (desde la entrada hasta el Artefacto)
  • Limitada: puede acceder de forma segura a ciertas partes de la cueva
  • No recomendada: puede quedarse atascado o no salir de la cueva
Criatura Accesibilidad Se puede montar Notas
Argentavis.png Argentavis Excellent Unofficial/
  •  These are some test notes. 
  •  More notes.
Rex.png Rex Limited Yes
Megalodon.png Megalodon Not Recommended Yes

Arena Example

Criteria for entry:

  • A maximum of 10 players and 10 creatures may enter at one time for a total of 20 combatants.
  • Excluding the Scorched Earth map, player-ridden flyers can never enter.
  • A creature's "drag weight" must be less than 560. This is how much the creature itself weighs, not its carrying weight seen in its inventory.
To see this value in-game, place the creature on an Large Elevator Platform.png Elevator Platform with an empty inventory and no saddle.
Criatura Accessible Peso de criatura Se puede montar Notas
Argentavis.png Argentavis Yes/No 150 Yes
  •  Can only enter the Manticore Arena.
  •  While it can enter the other arenas, it cannot enter the Broodmother Arena.
  •  More notes.
Rex.png Rex Yes 550 Yes
Titanosaur.png Titanosaur No 3000 Yes
  •  These are some test notes. 
  •  More notes.
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