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Esta plantilla está en construcción. La información no añadida está en proceso de ser incluida en la base de datos de la wiki.

DV, or Dinosaur Values, hopes to serve as a one-stop database for data values that may frequently change during ARK's development that enables users to edit a single template rather than each individual creature's page and any other pages these values might appear. This template is not intended to replace SMW, rather the two can work in unison when this template is called on a semantic page.



{{dv|Allosaurus|stats/health}} will show "630"

{{dv|allo|stats/health}} will show "630"

{{dv|allo saur|stats/health}} will show "630"

{{dv|Woolly Rhino|KillXPBase}} will show "4"

{{dv|ptera|immobilizedby}} will show "Bola, Chain Bola, Bear Trap, Large Bear Trap, Plant Species Y Trap (Scorched Earth), Net Projectile (Genesis: Part 2)"

{{dv|LIGHTNING WYVERN|DLC}} will show "Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Genesis: Part 1"