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This template provides a custom tiling navigation with icons.

Usage and Notes

  • Image (Parameter 1): The image/icon to be displayed.
Example: Color Wheel.svg or image = Color Wheel.svg
  • Caption: The caption/text to be displayed.
Example: caption = Color IDs
  • Link: Hyperlink to follow when clicked.
Example: link = Console Commands
Note: if no link is defined, it will automatically link to the image shown instead.
  • Equivalent Caption and Link: (Optional) Use only when both the Caption and Link are the same to increase legibility of the code or reduce redundancy.
Example: caption/link = Color IDs
For instance, caption/link = Color IDs
does exactly the same as
caption = Color IDs
link = Color IDs
  • CSS: (Optional) CSS to affect the entire element at the <li> html tag encompassing it.
Example: css = color:red; background:pink; font-variant:small-caps;
You can also change the two-toned background gradient by redefining the color variables within the CSS.
Variable BG1 is the normal background, while Variable BG2 is shown when the user is on the same page as the tile links to.
Example: css = {{#vardefine:BG1|pink, #000}} {{#vardefine:BG2|goldenrod, black}}
<ul style="margin:0; margin-top:8px; padding:0; width:100%;">
{{ Tile | Blank.png
 | caption = Example
 | link    = Target Page
 | css     = color:purple;
  • Stone Pick.png
  • Stone Pick.png
    You're Here!
  • Stone Pick.png
    Custom Css
  • Stone Pick.png
    Custom Css
  • Stone Pick.png
    Custom BG

  • Artifact of the Clever.png
  • Artifact of the Devourer.png
  • Artifact of the Hunter.png
  • Artifact of the Immune.png
  • Artifact of the Massive.png
  • Artifact of the Pack.png
  • Artifact of the Skylord.png
  • Artifact of the Strong.png

  • Crafting Light.png
  • Campfire.png
    Item IDs
  • Dodo.png
    Creature IDs
  • Color Wheel.svg
    Color IDs
  • Purple Beacon.png
    Beacon IDs