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Raíz del Sistema
System Root (Genesis Part 1)

The System Root is an arena for fighting the final boss of Genesis: Part 1 DLC, the Corrupted Master Controller.

Unlike the other bosses, the Master Controller comes in four phases, out of which the first three render him immune to any direct hits until cleared. A timer will immediately begin counting down from several minutes based on the timer within which the entire arena must be cleared. Once the timer expires all players and dinos in the arena are destroyed.

Mission Requirement[]

The following number of missions are required (for the starter) to start the Final Trial:

Gamma Beta Alpha
58 116 168


Attack Drones appears in the variant of Corrupted Dinotar.

  • Attack Drone Attack Drone
  • Corrupted Avatar Corrupted Avatar
  • Corrupted Master Controller Corrupted Master Controller
  • Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus
  • Raptor Raptor
  • Reaper King Reaper King
  • Rex Rex
  • Triceratops Triceratops

Corrupted Avatar[]

Avatars resembling Human Human will appear as part of the created corrupted avatar, each wielding a corrupted data variant of their equipment.

They may carry the following (They will still carry those same weapon from earlier phase as the progress goes on):

Phase 1[]

  • Bow Bow
  • Spear Spear

Phase 3[]

  • Tek Rifle Tek Rifle

Phase 4[]

  • Tek Grenade Tek Grenade

Corrupted Dinotar[]

Avatars resembling dinosaurs will appear as part of the created corrupted avatar. Note that any creature from previous phase will also appear in later phase, and sometimes may be ridden by a Corrupted Avatar. Corrupted Avatar will appear in cases like this should the Dinotar dies.

Phase 1[]

Phase 2[]

Phase 3[]

  • Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus

Final Test[]

  • Reaper King Reaper King

Compatible Tamed Creatures

Criteria for entry:

  • A maximum of 10 players and 10 creatures may enter at one time for a total of 20 combatants.
  • Excluding the Scorched Earth map, player-ridden flyers can never enter.
  • A creature's "drag weight" must be less than 560. This is how much the creature itself weighs, not its carrying weight seen in its inventory.
To see this value in-game, place the creature on an Large Elevator Platform Elevator Platform with an empty inventory and no saddle.
Criatura Accessible Peso de criatura Se puede montar Notas
Achatina Achatina 50 No
Alosaurio Alosaurio 285
Anquilosaurio Anquilosaurio
Araneo Araneo 90
Arqueópterix Arqueópterix
Argentavis Argentavis Sí/No 150
  •  Can only enter the Manticore Arena.
Arthropluera Arthropluera 110
Beelzebufo Beelzebufo 110
Brontosaurio Brontosaurio No 1000
Carbonemys Carbonemys 250
Carnotauro Carnotauro
Castoroides Castoroides 120
Calicoterio Calicoterio
Compy Compy 20 No
Dilofosaurio Dilofosaurio
Dimetrodon Dimetrodon 170 No
Dimorphodon Dimorphodon 70 No
Diplocaulus Diplocaulus 35
  •  Can only be ridden in water.
Diplodocus Diplodocus No 575
Oso Gigante Oso Gigante
Lobo Gigante Lobo Gigante
Dodo Dodo 25 No
DodoRex DodoRex No 1000 No
Doedicurus Doedicurus 160
Escarabajo Pelotero Escarabajo Pelotero
Gallimimo Gallimimo
Giganotosaurio Giganotosaurio No
Gigantopithecus Gigantopithecus 150
Jerboa Jerboa 25 No
Kairuku Kairuku 35 No
Kaprosuchus Kaprosuchus 410.23
Lymantria Lymantria Sí/No 149
  •  Can only enter the Manticore Arena.
Listrosaurio Listrosaurio
Mamut Mamut
Mantis Mantis 200
Megaloceros Megaloceros 120
Archivo:Megalosaurio.png Megalosaurio
Mesopithecus Mesopithecus 25 No
Morellatops Morellatops 300
Moschops Moschops 95
Onyc Onyc Sí/No 35 No
  •  Can only enter the Manticore Arena.
Oviraptor Oviraptor 40 No
Paquicefalosaurio Paquicefalosaurio
Paquirrinosaurio Paquirrinosaurio
Paraceraterio Paraceraterio No
Parasaurio Parasaurio
Pegomastax Pegomastax 20 No
Pelagornis Pelagornis Sí/No 120
  •  Can only enter the Manticore Arena.
Phiomia Phiomia 120
Procoptodon Procoptodon 410
Pteranodon Pteranodon Sí/No 149
  •  Can only enter the Manticore Arena.
Quetzal Quetzal Sí/No 500
  •  Can only enter the Manticore Arena.
Raptor Raptor 85
Rex Rex 550
Archivo:Elemental de Roca.png Elemental de Roca No
Dientes de Sable Dientes de Sable
Sarcosuchus Sarcosuchus 200
Scorpion Scorpion 110
Espinosaurio Espinosaurio
Estegosaurio Estegosaurio
Tapejara Tapejara Sí/No 149
  •  Can only enter the Manticore Arena.
Ave del Terror Ave del Terror
Tericinosaurio Tericinosaurio
Dragón Espinoso Dragón Espinoso
Titanosaurio Titanosaurio No
Triceratops Triceratops 300
Troodon Troodon 35 No
Archivo:Buitre.png Buitre
Rinoceronte Lanudo Rinoceronte Lanudo
Guiverno Guiverno Sí/No 555
  •  Can only enter the Arena de Mantícora.


  • The arena is not to be underestimated. Unlike the other bosses, the amount of minions spawned ignores the current numbers, which can easily overwhelm even the most powerful of dinos.
  • Within the devkits, there were supposed to be Corrupted Dinotar variants of Daeodon Daeodon and Yutyrannus Yutyrannus, but were scrapped. They appear as pure white glowing dinos as of current.
  • Console command to get in without doing required amount of missions: DebugAllowVRMissionTeleport
  • Should the survivor die inside the arena while not mounted, and if all the survivors die, their body (or bag) will return back to where the fight portal started.
  • The temperature in the arena is affected by the time of day inside the Genesis Simulation.