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Aggeravic Mushroom
Aggeravic Mushroom (Aberration).png
This mushroom can be found pretty much everywhere. It's tasty, and heals you slowly over time. Great in recipes!
Consumible (los valores pertenecen a humanos)
Tamaño de pila
Añadido en
Comando de generación
cheat gfi aggeravic 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Aberration/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/PrimalItemResource_CommonMushroom.PrimalItemResource_CommonMushroom'" 1 0 0
Hexagon Exchange
Exchange yields
50 pieces
Hexagon Icon.png 46

La seta áspera (Aggeravic Mushroom en la versión original del juego) es una de las plantas disponibles en ARK: Survival Evolved.


La seta áspera pueden encontrarse en zonas marrones, azules y rojas con champiñones esparcidas por todo el mapa.

Esta seta se puede comer para conseguir ciertos beneficios, además de para domesticar al 20x20px Lumiasta.

The Aggeravic Mushroom can be eaten to heal 0.05% Health over a period of time. The effect stacks with every Aggeravic mushroom consumed. (Ex: 2 Aggeravic mushrooms will heal 0.1% health, and 20 will heal 1%)

Provides immunity to Fertile Biome Poisons like that from the red mushrooms.


They can be gathered by hand from the small red, blue, and brown mushrooms found throughout Aberration. They can be gathered more efficiently by using a Sickle but can only be harvested from the red and blue mushrooms this way.

Tiempos de deterioro[]

ContenedorTiempo de deterioro
Inventario del jugador 10m
Dinosaurio domesticado 40m
Cajón de conservas 1h 40m
20x20px Ahumadero (Primitive+) 2h 30m
Nevera 16h 40m

Notas / Información adicional[]

  • There is a glitch that occurs when Aggeravic Mushrooms are consumed, as it causes the player to be unable to gain food points from any other Food item for a certain amount of time. This is probably attributed to the health gaining properties of the Aggeravic Mushroom overiding the code that lets food be increased. Oddly enough, if the food bar drops to 0 to the point of starvation after consuming an Aggeravic Mushroom, the player will experience a constant back-and-forth between having slightly above 0 food and starving, thus practically making it impossible to starve to death for a period of time.
    • Despite this glitch, it still makes an excellent source of food and protects from Fertile Biome Poisonous spores.