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Los trofeos son un tipo de objeto que se pueden conseguir en ARK: Survival Evolved.


Hay varios tipos de trofeos en el juego:

  • 'Survival of the Fittest' Trophy- 1st Place.png SotF Trophies
  • Alpha Rex Trophy
  • Alpha Deathworm Trophy Scorched Earth Icon.png
  • Alpha Wyvern Trophy Scorched Earth Icon.png
  • Broodmother Trophy
  • Megapithecus Trophy
  • Dragon Trophy
  • Manticore Trophy Scorched Earth Icon.png
  • Rockwell Trophy Aberration Icon.png
  • Desert Titan Trophy Extinction Icon.png
  • Forest Titan Trophy Extinction Icon.png
  • Ice Titan Trophy Extinction Icon.png
  • King Titan Trophy Extinction Icon.png
  • Moeder Trophy Genesis Part 1 Icon.png
  • Master Controller Trophy Genesis Part 1 Icon.png
  • Crystal Wyvern Queen Trophy Crystal Isles Icon.png
  • Survivor's Trophy
  • Dodo Trophy Logo Mobile.svg
  • Carnotaurus Trophy Logo Mobile.svg
  • Mammoth Trophy Logo Mobile.svg
  • Megalodon Trophy Logo Mobile.svg
  • Human Arm Trophy Logo Mobile.svg
  • Human Leg Trophy Logo Mobile.svg
  • Human Head Trophy Logo Mobile.svg

Additionally, Artifact of the Clever.png Artifacts may also displayed placed on Artifact Pedestals.


  • Only the trophies gained from winning SotF, earned as achievement, (Survivor's Trophy) killing Alpha Creatures, Rockwell, Moeder and Master Controller, can be transferred through an obelisk. All other trophies cannot be transferred by any means and must remain within the server it is obtained from.