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River Valley
River Valley (Aberration)
A river full of fish and surrounded by hungry patrons.


As the name suggests, the River valley is a wide canyon with a small, shallow river running through a depressed riverbed. The most dangerous creatures here are packs of Sarcos and Karkinos, and the occasional Spino. The river connects the Fertile lake and the Fallen Nexus on the northwest end to a waterfall leading down into the Luminous Marshlands in the southeast. Just west of the waterfall, the biome contains a forest bordering the Luminous Marsh, and has several access points into that cavern. The forest also leads into the Mushroom forest to the west. There are at least four charge nodes in this biome.


Very Common[]

  • Abberant Coelacanth Abberant Coelacanth
  • Aberrant Dodo Aberrant Dodo
  • Aberrant Raptor Aberrant Raptor
  • Glowbug Glowbug


  • Aberrant Lystrosaurus Aberrant Lystrosaurus
  • Aberrant Moschops Aberrant Moschops
  • Aberrant Piranha Aberrant Piranha
  • Aberrant Trilobite Aberrant Trilobite
  • Bulbdog Bulbdog


  • Aberrant Sarco Aberrant Sarco
  • Aberrant Iguanodon Aberrant Iguanodon
  • Aberrant Ovis Aberrant Ovis
  • Aberrant Direbear Aberrant Direbear
  • Aberrant Paraceratherium Aberrant Paraceratherium
  • Aberrant Spino Aberrant Spino
  • Aberrant Stegosaurus Aberrant Stegosaurus
  • Karkinos Karkinos
  • Ravager Ravager

Very Uncommon[]

  • Aberrant Otter Aberrant Otter
  • Roll Rat Roll Rat


  • Alpha Karkinos Alpha Karkinos

Very Rare[]


  • Aggeravic Mushroom Aggeravic Mushroom
  • Aquatic Mushroom Aquatic Mushroom
  • Ascerbic Mushroom Ascerbic Mushroom
  • Auric Mushroom Auric Mushroom
  • Berries Berries
  • Bio Toxin Bio Toxin
  • Congealed Gas Ball Congealed Gas Ball
  • Crystal Crystal
  • Fiber Fiber
  • Flint Flint
  • Fungal Wood Fungal Wood
  • Green Gem Green Gem
  • Metal Metal
  • Stone Stone
  • Thatch Thatch
  • Wood Wood

Can be gathered from nearby creatures

  • Chitin Chitin
  • Hide Hide
  • Keratin Keratin
  • Oil Oil
  • Raw Meat Raw Meat
  • Raw Mutton Raw Mutton
  • Silica Pearls Silica Pearls