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Deinonychus magna pede
Steam.svg 297.14
6月 18, 2019
Xbox One.svg 789.9
7月 19, 2019
PS.svg 537.01
7月 19, 2019
Logo Mobile.svg
Nintendo Switch.svg
Epic Games.svg 311.74
6月 11, 2020
admincheat summon Deinonychus_Character_BP_C
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Raptor/Uberraptor/Deinonychus_Character_BP.Deinonychus_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 35
X mark.svg できない1
Check mark.svg できる
Check mark.svg できる

1 Adults cannot be tamed, but Wild Eggs can be hatched.

X mark.svg なし
Check mark.svg できる
X mark.svg できない
XP For Kill
12 XP
X mark.svg なし
80 - 90 °C / 176 - 194 °F
4時間 59分 58.561秒
3時間 42分 13.333秒
14時間 48分 53.331秒
18時間 31分 6.664秒
1日 13時間 2分 13.328秒
18時間 - 2日

Common             Rare
  テイム不可   洞窟

デイノニクス ([1]) は ARK: Survival Evolved における Valguero DLC生物の1つです。





By the time you hear the scurrying claws of the Deinonychus, it's often too late. Superior hunters, they leap from a hiding place and pounce on their prey. The Deinonychus is an agile climber as well, jumping from wall ledge to wall ledge as it seeks high vantage points to lie in wait.

A hungry Deinonychus tends to be fearless and will hunt prey much larger than itself, latching onto a dinosaur's back with its sickle-shaped claws, then starting to feed before its victim is even dead. While it likes its meat fresh, a Deinonychus isn't above scavenging a carcass if no other food is available.


Raising a Deinonychus in captivity requires an ample food supply, as they have a fast metabolism to match their high activity level. The Deinonychus is also fiercely territorial near nests with eggs, even if the eggs aren't its own. This makes breeding successive generations a hazardous process.

Unless raised from eggs, they cannot be tamed; the hunter instinct of a wild Deinonychus is so strong that it reflexively pounces on a would-be master.

~ Helena


The Deinonychus is fiercely territorial in the wild. They will protect their nests against any who dare to trespass.


The Deinonychus has a similar appearance to the Raptor, but has plumage similar to that of the Rock Drake. The Deinonychus has razor sharp claws useful for climbing and attacking.


The fifth region is barely visible in the game from most angles, and its photo has been adjusted for better visibility.



この情報を使用して、チートコンソールにcheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID>と入力することにより、デイノニクスのRegionを変更できます。たとえば、cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6はデイノニクスの"base color"がmagenta色になります。

Deinonychus PaintRegion0.png
Region 0:
Base Color
Deinonychus PaintRegion1.png
Region 1:
Feathers Accents
X mark.svg

Region 2はこの生物には

Deinonychus PaintRegion3.png
Region 3:
Feathers Main
Deinonychus PaintRegion4.png
Region 4:
Deinonychus PaintRegion5.png
Region 5:



能力値 基準値 レベルアップ テイムボーナス
野性生物 テイム生物 Additive Multiplicative
体力 200 +40 +5.4% 0.07
スタミナ 150 +15 +10%
酸素量 150 +15 +10%
食料 1200 +120 +10%
重量 140 +2.8 +4%
近接攻撃力 30 / 30 +1.5 / +1.5 +1.7% 7% 17.6%
移動速度 100% N/A +1.5% 20%
気絶値 180 +10.8 該当なし 0.5
  • すべての生物のステータスを比較するには、Base Creature Statisticsを参照してください。
  • レベルアップの計算がどのように機能するかについての正確な説明については、Creature Stats Calculationを参照してください。
移動 基本速度 全力疾走の速度 スタミナ
野生生物 テイム生物 野生生物 テイム生物
歩行 480 ? 1296 1440 6
水泳 300 ? ? ? ?
  • これらは、100%の移動速度での生物の基本速度です。
  • すべての生物の速度の比較については、Base Creature Speedsをご覧ください。
Melee スタミナ消費量 攻撃範囲 説明
基本 最小 Activation Using the Left Mousebutton (PC), R2 Button (PS), RT Button (Xbox One), the Deinonychus bites and claws at the target.
0 350 0 0
攻撃タイプ ダメージ 発射物の値 気絶値の数値 状態効果: スタミナ 状態効果: 気絶値
寿命 Impulse 半径 基本 Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult
Melee 30
Pounce スタミナ消費量 攻撃範囲 説明
基本 最小 Activation Using the Right Mousebutton (PC), L2 Button (PS), LT Button (Xbox One), the Deinonychus pounces on its target.
5 300 0 0
攻撃タイプ ダメージ 発射物の値 気絶値の数値 状態効果: スタミナ 状態効果: 気絶値
寿命 Impulse 半径 基本 Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult
Melee 30
Roar スタミナ消費量 攻撃範囲 説明
基本 最小 Activation Using C (PC), R3 Button (PS), R Button (Xbox One), the Deinonychus bites and claws at the target. This attack type is not usable.
0 0 0 0
Melee_Pounce スタミナ消費量 攻撃範囲 説明
基本 最小 Activation Using the Left Mousebutton (PC), R2 Button (PS), RT Button (Xbox One), the Deinonychus bites the target when it has pinned creature with the pounce attack.
0 1200 0 0
攻撃タイプ ダメージ 発射物の値 気絶値の数値 状態効果: スタミナ 状態効果: 気絶値
寿命 Impulse 半径 基本 Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult
Melee 30




stat-calculatorはモバイルビューでは機能しません。代替方法についてはこちらをご覧ください: Apps



This section describes how to fight against the Deinonychus.



The best way to take down a Deinonychus is to use a long ranged weapon such as a Crossbow or Rifle . Bring powerful attackers like Wyverns or Spinos, or lure Deinonychus off cliffs with a flier. If you don’t have a ranged weapon and they latch on to your mount, just smack it away as they have relatively low health.

If you are stealing eggs, then you definitely need to be prepared with a good mount because there is most likely going to be a pack of Deinonychus. It’s suggested to use a flyer so you’ll be safe. Make sure to steal the egg and then QUICKLY escape because the Deinonychus can pounce riders, which can pose a great threat as it gives time for the rest of the pack to arrive.

Deinonychus can deal a percentage damage bleed effect that scales with how big a pack is, thus high health tames may lose thousands of health instantaneously. They also have the ability to climb, but its not nearly as good as the Thylacoleo or the Rock Drake.



It is able to latch onto large creatures such as a Rex or Brontosaurus, making them hard to hit via conventional means. To make it even more dangerous, they are able to glide upwards to latch onto a nearby ledge similar to the Rock Drake, and pounce and attack much like the Raptor (It can't dismount you though). They also cause a bleed effect that stacks and makes them even more dangerous. They tend to be found in groups of at least 2 or more which can make killing/getting away much harder.


While latched onto a large Creature, it can mostly only attack the said creature until it releases itself out, making it extremely vulnerable to any attacks from other Creatures or ranged weapons.

The Deinonychus is weak on knockbacks like Raptors. Using a Trike with a decent amount of Health can easilly kill a pack or two at once. While latched they can still get hit by attacks from the one they are riding


Similar to the Wyvern,Rock Drake, and Magmasaur, wild Deinonychus cannot be tamed, but a fertilized Deinonychus Egg can be stolen from a nest and hatched to obtain a tamed Deinonychus. Likewise similar to the Wyvern, Rock Drake, and Magmasaur, a typical player would need to be cautious, as these theropods react very aggressively to anything stealing their eggs. Unlike the Wyvern, Rock Drake, and Magmasaur however, Deinonychus are not initially aggressive to large-class predators such as Rexes or Spinos, and these tames may be walked directly up to the nests without conflict until an egg is stolen, making them excellent options for egg theft. Deinonychus nests can be found almost everywhere the dinosaurs spawn, but perhaps the most reliable place to find and farm eggs is the small canyon region in the White Cliffs called The Paradise, which is located in the flat plains area of the cliffs, near to The Lake region. Once an egg has been acquired, the incubation temperature is between 176 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit, or 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, which can be reached through the use of various fires (14 Campfires for example), Air Conditioners, or a Dimetrodon. Once you've hatched your first Deinonychus, unlike the Wyvern, Rock Drake, and Magmasaur, the hatchlings do not require any special food source, and can be fed a standard carnivore diet straight out of the egg. Finally, similarly to the Wyverns and Magmasaurs, successive generations can be bred from tamed individuals, and mutations for higher stats may be acquired.


The nests spawn all around The Paradise in The White Cliffs, and stealing an egg won't be very hard with some these tames:

  • A Lymantria is very recommended, with its ability to fly and poison you can run away easily. They are easy to tame and spawn all around The Paradise near the nests. Their saddle also has a low level requirement (35).
  • A high level Pteranodon is recommended because of its ability to fly: you can take the egg and fly away easily, or lure the pack off of a cliff.
  • A fast Sabertooth can be a good choice either, since they can be tamed easily and their spawn area isn't very far from the Chalk Hills.
  • You, a Human, can also do the job. Place a Sleeping Bag or a Bed near the nesting area, steal the egg and run away. If you happen to die, respawn at the bed and get your stuff back along with the egg. Watch out for the Allosaurus and the Raptors.


The following creatures can be latched on to by the Deinonychus:

They can be seen with the Gnashed icon near them.

The following creatures can get pinned down by Deinonychus:


  • 戦闘のスペシャリスト: レックスやスピノなどの巨大な戦闘生物と比較するとデイノニクスは小さいかもしれませんが、外見に惑わされることはありません。その大きさにもかかわらず、デイノニクスは最も優秀な戦闘生物の1つであり、状況によっては大型のライバルに匹敵し、さらに凌駕することもできます!単体でも群れでも、デイノニクスが有利なのは貧弱な体力や平均的な基本ダメージ量ではなく、実は Bleeding! というステータス効果を持っているからです。このステータスは7秒間に渡って相手のヘルスを 0.3% 削り、アーマー(生来の抵抗力ではない)を回避する効果があります。この効果は最大5回まで重複することができ、他生物の Bleed と併用することでブリードダメージを増加させることができます。デイノニクス1匹が執拗な攻撃を行っていれば、単独で5スタックのブリードを適用することができますが、最大の効果を得るためには、群れの仲間を連れて行くべきです。この役割を果たすためには、すべてのデイノニクスに Melee DamageHealth を与え、騎乗予定のデイノニクスには StaminaWeight を与える必要があります。
    • パックファイター: 3〜5匹のデイノニクスで構成された群れは、単純な狩りや移動、激しい戦闘など、様々な場面でメリットがあります。最高レベルのデイノニクスはアルファに任命され、ダメージに一定のボーナスが与えられるほか、発声能力によって周囲の味方のデイノニクス(最大4匹)に45秒間のパックバフを与え、パックメンバー全員の移動速度、ダメージ、耐性を向上させることができます。注意点としては、騎乗していないデイノニクスは、たとえ群れのリーダーについていったとしても、壁を登ることはできません。つまり、困難な地形を移動する場合には、騎乗しない仲間は拠点に置いておいた方が良いかもしれません。
      • スレイヤーコンパニオン: デイノニクスは、出血ダメージを与える他の生物( ThylacoleoCarnotaurus など)とペアを組むことができ、それらの出血が一緒に作用します。
      • アルファスレイヤー: 単なる害虫として駆除するためであれ、大量の Raw Prime Meat を得るために殺すためであれ、関連する Trophies を集めるためであれ、 Chibi-Pets をレベルアップさせるためであれ、デイノニクスは Alpha Creatures を殺すことを公園の散歩のようにしてくれます。・・・アルファレックス以上は避けてください。
      • デスワームスレイヤー: デイノニクスは特に必要とされている役割ではありませんが、危険な Deathworms 、特にアルファワームを退治する作業を容易にしてくれます。デスワーム自体はギガノトサウルスやティタノサウルスほど危険ではなく、ロックエレメンタルのようなアーマーも持っていませんが、高いヘルスを持ち、かなりのダメージを与えます。通常のワームであれば、サドルと装甲を備えたデイノニクスの小隊で十分ですが、アルファワームの場合は、より大きな隊、または他の大型クラスの捕食者と一緒に小隊を使用するのが良いでしょう。この役割にはユウティラヌスとサポートはオプションで、デスワーム1匹の戦いには必須ではありませんが、複数のワークを狩る場合には非常に重要な役割を果たします。ただし、この役割はデイノニクスの能力が高いとはいえ、最適な選択ではないことを覚えておいてください。平均的なデイノニクスはヘルスと重量が低いため、戦いにはコストがかかり、ワームが落とす重い戦利品を運ぶのにも苦労します。この役割には、もしあなたが自由に使えるものがあれば、 Lightning Wyvern の方がはるかに良い選択です。ワイバーンは翼の攻撃でワームを近接攻撃の範囲外に追いやり、ダメージの大きい稲妻を浴びせ、戦利品を運ぶことができます。
      • ボススレイヤー: 対象にブリード効果を与えるテイム可能な生物の中でも、デイノニクスは唯一、ブリード効果が Bosses に効く生物です。5匹のデイノニクスを1パックにして、ユウティラヌスのようなボス戦に役立つ大型生物の恐竜と一緒に使えば、最小限のリソースと労力でチーズを作ることができます。間違いなく、デイノニクスはこの役割を果たすためのマストアイテムであり、 Element のファーミングや Tek Engrams の収集を簡単にしてくれます。
    • Aberration PvP Specialist: With its various abilities; stacking bleed damage, latching on to larger targets, and pinning smaller targets: the Deinonychus was born for harassment. Coupled with its speed, sharp turning radius, rider weaponry and climbing abilities, the Deinonychus makes an ideal choice for the Aberration map, as fliers are (mostly) disabled and climbing is well-preferred.
  • Travel Mount: Possessing speed, stamina, jumping prowess, climbing capabilities, and a unique immunity to fall damage; the Deinonychus makes for a useful and entertaining means of travel. Compared to the other climbing mounts; the leaping Thylacoleo, the crawling Megalania, and the gliding Rock Drake, the Deinonychus has its own unique method for navigating steep terrains. Best described as a 'jumper,' the Deinonychus cannot climb stably and smoothly in one direction once latched onto a surface. Rather, the Deinonychus shimmies using the jump button, in whichever direction the camera is facing; be it up, down, left, or right. As it climbs, the jump button can be pressed slowly or rapidly, allowing the rider to control the speed at which their mount moves across the climbable surface. In terms of travel versatility, the Deinonychus can be categorized as something of a cross between the Thylacoleo and the Megalania; able to move with speed and jump like the Thylacoleo, and move in any direction while climbing like the Megalania; functioning, perhaps, more akin to a tamed and mounted version of Climbing Picks. Unlike the Drake, Megalania, and Climbing Picks, however, the Deinonychus cannot go 'upside down' and climb across ceilings; limited in that regard to a similar manner as the Thylacoleo. As impressive as the Deinonychus is, in terms of traversal, the Rock Drake remains the undisputed king; as the Deinonychus, while it can jump an impressive distance, is not capable of sustained glides, nor can it launch itself across large gaps to latch onto opposing, unconnected surfaces once it is climbing. Furthermore, once more falling short of the Rock Drake, the Deinonychus handles water very poorly, with a considerably slow swim speed. However, unlike any other climber in the game, the Deinonychus can climb on harvestable nodes, such as trees chopped down for wood. This, in turn, increases the hiding and ambush potential of the Deinonychus compared to the other climbers.
  • Cave Delver: With both its combat and traveling skills taken into consideration, the Deinonychus makes a prime candidate for tackling most artifact caves. However, caverns that require traversal through water are best left to stronger swimmers than the Deinonychus, unless the swimmable section can be skipped by climbing. Caves that have magma, on the other hand, can end up causing some very unfortunate deaths if you make a wrong move with the Deinonychus' jumping and climbing and are best left to delvers that have less room for error with their jumping abilities.
  • Extraordinary Kibble: テイムされた雌のデイノニクスは他のテイムのように無精卵を産まないが、野生のデイノニクスは巣穴に大量の卵を産む。 Special Egg に分類されるデイノニクスの卵は、大量に集めることができ、ゲーム内で最も優れたテイミングフードである Extraordinary Kibble を簡単に大量生産する手段となる。テイムされたデイノニクスが卵生産に使えないというわけではありません。デイノニクスの卵は腐るまでに数日かかるため、ストックしておくのに便利です。


資源 効率
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat ★★★★☆




  • During the first introduction of the creature's dossier, it was hinted that Deinonychus would be breedable by this sentence: "This makes breeding successive generations a hazardous process."
    • This was eventually proven true in Community Crunch 186[2], making Deinonychus the first raise-only tame to be breedable, unlike the Rock Drake and Reaper, but followed by the Magmasaur, Crystal Wyvern, and Wyvern (which was made breedable in TLC 3).
  • Deinonychus magna pede roughly translates to "great footed terrible claw".
  • Deinos do not take fall damage, see Fall Damage for more info.
  • If you hold jump while on the ground, the Deinonychus will start to crouch. The longer you hold the more powerful the jump will be. Unlike other creatures with a chargeable jump such as the Reaper, Karkinos, or Procoptodon, the jump can not be aimed, and holding jump does not stop the Deinonychus from running.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Deinonychus is an original Creature and does not come from the Mod ARK Additions, as confirmed by Zen Rowe.[3]
  • Both the Jerboa and Deinonychus are the only creatures with more than one idle animation.
  • Unlike the Rock Drake and Wyvern, the Deinonychus will never spawn above a Level increment of 30 (150 is their max Level on official).
  • Baby Deinonychus may sometimes hatch from within the nest, and they can then be claimed by anyone, but be wary of nearby wild Deinonychus, for they will treat claimed babies as targets. It may be wise to carry a Cryopod in case this happens. Although this got fixed within a couple of patches after the Valguero release, hatching temperatures need to be so high, hatching-in-the-wild will no longer occur.
    • Sometimes when aggroed, Baby Deinonychus may pin down survivors and then run off.
  • Rock Drake, Deinonychus and Ice Titan are the only creature that possess an icon different from their dossier/hologram.
  • Deinonychus, Griffin and Tropeognathus are the only creatures whose dossiers couldn't be obtained.
  • The Deinonychus is the very first Creature in ARK: Survival Evolved to be classified as a subspecies.
  • Bleed damage caps at 600% melee and does get reduced by saddles.
  • Unlike Allosaurus, its bleed cannot slow down target.
  • The Deinonychus is one of the five species that cannot be tamed, but still can be acquired by the survivor through other means, with the others being Wyvern, Rock Drake, Reaper and Magmasaur.
  • When an egg is stolen, the Deinonychus will become aggravated and will try to kill the player to retrieve the egg back.
  • If a new player encounters a deinonychus, there are two ways a player and the encountered will react. The first reaction the deinonychus will do is hit the player. If the player runs away or doesn't attack, then the deinonychus won't attack (unsure if this works for packs). If the player reacts aggressively, if they think they can take on the deinonychus, then it is a guarantee kill for the deinonychus because it has higher speed and intelligence, despite it's level or pack bonus, to kill you. So for mid-tier players and end-tier players who have to deal with a deinonychus in the wild while roaming around, just make sure you have enough tools and intelligence and tames to take on the Deinonychus, but don't use any creatures that the deinonychus can pounce on, cause it can become easily aggravated, and as a result, can kill your useful tame.


  • Rarely afflicted with a bug in which it is unable to latch onto latch-able dinosaurs, climb, call, leap onto smaller dinos, or is unable to jump completely. There is no current fix to this.
  • Has occasional spawn issues on Primitive Plus.
  • For some reason It can drop Raptor Eggs.
  • It can actually latch onto resources, trees, stones etc, if it destroy the resource that it latched on, it will remain latched, but on nothing.
  • Yutyrannus's courage roar can affect Deinonychus, however the effect doesn't show up so its impossible to know whether it is encouraged or not unless you ride it.


Patch Changes
297.14 Valguero Expansion Release Deinonychus is added to the game
  • Increased temperature at which a Deinonychus Egg will incubate
  • Fixed case where the Deinonychus AI would land upside down when dismounting while latched on a wall
  • Fixed several cases of the Deinonychus rotating backwards when jumping while latched onto a wall
  • Fixed an exploit with Deinonychus
  • Improved ledge detection when leaping up walls
  • Deinonychus bleed now works on Bosses
  • Improved First Person View on Deinonychus
  • Improved leaping up walls in laggy scenarios
  • Deinonychus bleed now scales with its Melee Damage
  • Fixed issue with its bleed damage not always scaling every time
  • Can no longer attach to babies
307.2 Added Deinonychus Saddle to engram list
313.10 Fixed an exploit with the Deinonychus
324.24 Deinonychus riders can no longer use weapons when they're latched onto a creature