ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Hi, are you still an IVT member? I don't see anything on your profile that says you are but you are in the list for JA on the cc. I need someone who can add the Official Wiki badge on this wiki. If you can't, can you refer me to someone who can please? Thank you. Will130 (トーク) 2021年6月27日 (日) 11:28 (UTC)

I'm sorry for the late reply. And, thank you for showing interest in the official wiki badge. At the current time, the official badges are given to the wiki based on what the [publisher/producer/etc] negotiates with Fandom - as an administrator, you can at all times reach out to the [publisher/producer/etc] and suggest them to contact Fandom about making your wiki official and set up some direct collaboration with them at the same time. --Crtke (トーク) 2021年7月10日 (土) 01:51 (UTC)
Hi, thank you for your answer. I contacted the Fandom staff via the contact form and it's now added. Thanks. Will130 (トーク) 2021年7月14日 (水) 01:35 (UTC)