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Brute Astrocetus
Brute Astrocetus
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2月 25, 2020
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2月 25, 2020
2月 25, 2020
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Nintendo Switch
Epic Games 311.74
6月 11, 2020
admincheat summon SpaceWhale_Character_BP_Brute_C
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis/Dinos/MissionVariants/Hunt/Lunar/SpaceWhale_Character_BP_Brute.SpaceWhale_Character_BP_Brute'" 500 0 0 35
X mark できない
X mark できない
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凶暴なアストロセタスは、ARK: Survival Evolved拡張パック Genesis: Part 1凶暴な生物です。

基本情報[ | ]

行動[ | ]

外観[ | ]

The Brute Astrocetus appears to be a larger version of the regular AstrocetusAstrocetus with a purple-and-blue tail that has a green underside.

配色と領域[ | ]


この情報を使用して、チートコンソールにcheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID>と入力することにより、凶暴なアストロセタスのRegionを変更できます。たとえば、cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6は凶暴なアストロセタスの"wing edges"がmagenta色になります。

Brute Astrocetus PaintRegion0
Region 0:
Wing Edges
X mark

Region 1はこの生物には

Brute Astrocetus PaintRegion2
Region 2:
X mark

Region 3はこの生物には

Brute Astrocetus PaintRegion4
Region 4:
Brute Astrocetus PaintRegion5
Region 5:

ドロップ[ | ]

基本ステータスと成長[ | ]

能力値 基準値 レベルアップ
体力体力 10000 +90
スタミナスタミナ 900 +45
酸素量酸素量 N/A N/A
食料食料 7500 +750
重量重量 2500 +50
近接攻撃力近接攻撃力 88 +3.52
移動速度移動速度 100% N/A
気絶値気絶値 1500 +30
移動 基本速度 全力疾走の速度
水泳 300 N/A
飛行 720 N/A
  • これらは、100%の移動速度での生物の基本速度です。
  • すべての生物の速度の比較については、生物の基本速度をご覧ください。
噛む スタミナ消費量 攻撃範囲 説明
基本 最小 Activation
0 750 0
攻撃タイプ ダメージ 発射物の値 気絶値の数値 状態効果: スタミナ 状態効果: 気絶値
寿命 Impulse 半径 基本 Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult
Melee 88
None スタミナ消費量 攻撃範囲 説明
基本 最小 Activation
0 1000 0
攻撃タイプ ダメージ 発射物の値 気絶値の数値 状態効果: スタミナ 状態効果: 気絶値
寿命 Impulse 半径 基本 Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult 持続時間 Damage Mult
Melee 152
Hyperdrive スタミナ消費量 攻撃範囲 説明
基本 最小 Activation
0 0 0




stat-calculatorはモバイルビューでは機能しません。代替方法についてはこちらをご覧ください: Apps


戦闘[ | ]

This section describes how to fight against the Brute Astrocetus.

全般[ | ]

The Brute Astrocetus is encountered in the mission "A Captain's Conquest" which is on the Lunar biome. It is simply a larger Astrocetus. It has an average of 35,000 health which makes it quite weak for brute standards. In the last part of the hunt it is assisted by four Brute Seekers. It may seem weak at first in Alpha difficulty but however the closer you get to its mouth the more attack it can do, for example at the tip it can only >700 which is weak BUT as you get close it can rain down <6,900 damage in one hit.

戦略[ | ]

The Brute Astrocetus can easily be worn down with standard munitions from afar. Jumping around with a Bloodstalker through the lunar biome's low gravity makes it nearly impossible for the Brute Astrocetus to attack, just make sure you keep it in the general area you're supposed to fight it. Even up close its melee isn't the strongest and can be fought with ground troops such as a few Rexes.

in Alpha the bloodstalker strategy might take too long and, as mentioned above, it can turn the fight around as you get close to the mouth.

武器[ | ]

Any high-damage ranged weapon would suffice in wearing it down, though the Pump-Action Shotgun can deal the highest due to the Brute Astrocetus being so large. Usable creatures would be your standard war mounts such as a Rex, though jumping around with a Bloodstalker with your weapons is also a good strategy. A giga cant be used due to its rage ability.

危険[ | ]

The Brute Astrocetus can cause some strong knockback with its attacks which can possibly throw you into space. Without a fast way up to where you normally fight it this can ruin your hunt due to time restrictions.

unlike most brutes the brute astrocetus treats the seekers like its own kind and will get angry and attack you if you hit the seekers or they hit you.

if you drive them too far away they will teleport back with full health.

弱点[ | ]

The Brute Astrocetus is large and slow, and both its damage output and health aren't much compared to the other brute creatures, except on alpha.

収集可能なアイテム[ | ]

資源 効率
Raw Meat Raw Meat ?

備考/トリビア[ | ]

•the brute astrocetus is the overall weakest brute creature in terms of health.

スポットライト[ | ]

参照資料[ | ]