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Estas são as tribos localizadas em servidores ARK não oficiais. Clique no Nome da Tribo para ver as Opções de Governança da Tribo e informações adicionais, como como contatar a liderança da tribo e o IP do servidor.

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Adicionando sua tribo[ | ]

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Directory[ | ]

Tribe Name Tribe Leader Server Name Focus
China's Finest Crew 530™ All Unofficial Servers Wiping every server with good population. #ApexPredator
BioHazard Barbarossa AfterLife We ar playing on server:

Name: AfterLife [RP-PVP][EVENTS][EU/PL] x3 rates Fresh start 15.12.2017 Aberration

(Map: Aberration)

[Installed Mods]

572277026 - Ark Advance 10

1231355203 - Dropped Earth Quake Resource Pickup

1232014222 - MyAbberForge

736236773 - Backpack

The Owners ov3r5y5t3m and Zephyr_BR JurassicArk Servidores Tribo dedicada ao alto conhecimento em técnologia.


Duke All Unofficial servers Cleaning up Servers For Admins if they want to wipe soon.
Night's Watch Sigil
Night's Watch
Jon Mormont Gone Rogue The Night's Watch is a light rp tribe based off of the Night's Watch from the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books and "Game of Thrones" t.v. Show. We roam the map killing alphas, and finding lost tames.
The Swarm bobdob Menagerie We are the Zerg swarm of The Center, we shall spread across the land like the Zerg we are,will you join us?
Angels of Death Nozama Stronghold/Primitive Plus We are a division of a large multi-gaming international clan. We host our own ARK servers and have a great community/following. If you're interested in an organized, fun, engaging group to play with, we're it. We have members in every time zone across the world. Our clan also plays many other games, so you're gaining many new groups of friends when you join.
The Toscans Raptor moving servers currently PVE Taming, Boss Fights, Community events, Main base South Haven, Will have an active trading system
The-Swarm.NET DaKirch The-Swarm.NET PVP Massive Online Gaming Community for PS4 and PC! Tired of playing alone? The Swarm is the community for you. To join our tribe please visit our website, fill out an application and we'll get you added! We use TeamSpeak to communicate.
Murphy's Law Firm Some Dude Multiple Servers Because sh*t happens... often.
Bad Apple ARK Division ThunderDuck, Ormagodon BAAD PVE, PVP, Building, Crafting, Taming, Community events
Radimichi RiseOfDeath eng/rus x2 XP Rate PvE Self-fun Russian-Speaking tribe.
WarHead DarkCloud784 WarHead-Gaming 24/7 PvE based tribe dedicated to helping each other build, craft and tame. Our main goal is to tame one of each dino implemented into the game.
Enigma Rising Syrade PVPVE, Tribe focus is having fun doing what you like to do, but make no mistake an attack on one member is an attack on all members and we come together in times of need and revenge.
Zulu Shaka Sulu RP|NO_KOS| "PVE, Taming, Tribe Community, and PVP starting in 1-2 weeks. You could be the single grain of rice, to tip the scale!"
Team Vendetta Fadespell Server is as close to vanilla as possible with only a few changes made. Fair admins, great group - come join us!
SuperHappyFunAmigos Ronsoda1970 PCGN RP PvPvE Level Cap @100 2.5x Taming Speed Focus on heavy ground stomping and light fast aerial supply runs. Will become the superior resourcing tribe on the island once our merchanting system is up and running!
TroubledSouls Bludger AUSNZARK Guardians of the North, protectors of noobs and the embattled! Click inside for epic content!
Controlled Chaos Rinjii HavocEvolved PvPvE server. Currently owned and operated by Socal and Rinjii. We are aiming for a balanced server with full admin support, various events, and several reward systems. Havoc Evolved is a fresh server that just started on 7/5/2015. Several tribes have already started recruiting so be sure to find your best match!!

Server Features: 5x Taming Speeds, Longer Day/Shorter Night, Several Server Events, 2x Resource Gathering, Referral Reward System and so much more!

Company Gamers Laurens =CG= 24/7 PvPvE Active admins char DL Allowed PvPvE , the endgame aim is to have some established tribes arround the island and use diplomacy , to wage war , or to pillage and destroy . We are a mature community that just wants to enjoy the game and make some friends along the way.
Shadow Gaming Sabriele 100% fair no admin abuse/PvPvE/friendly/US PvE, building, and working together with other tribes for the betterment of all on the Isle. Please leave pitchforks and tinfoil hats at the gate, thanks!
Fail Gaming TehG00SE ARK US|East PVPVE As a Tribe: we are aggressive, we generally mark our territory with flags and/or signs. We are 90% KOS, so do not approach us willingly. We don't generally go out of our way to kill people, but will if we don't feel we are secure or safe. [Cont.]
Raptor Tears wigglesforprez Dallas PVPVE 5x Exp 3x Resource 3x Taming 2x Dinosaurs exploring, taming, goofing off, whatever you want really
The Alliance Benteke Die fast vergessene Insel PVE and buildings
Bruh Bruh Mellow Amazing Ark PvE, Base Expansion, Community Events
Mirage Outpost Silverhawk Mirage Outpost PVE and Surviving.
Mohicans Chingachgook [SWE]Jurassic Ark of Sweden Neutral tribe. Building, Crafting, Taming and offcourse helping others
666th Devil Dogs RabidBunny DevilDogs Private hosted server within a large gaming community (means always up, always people to play with).
  • 1 community - all players on the server are on TeamSpeak and actively able to be communicated with.
  • Factional War ruleset - Red Vs. Blue with open world PvP and designated raiding times for each teams main base - NO PLAYER VS DOOR.
  • Or play as PvE on the same server - engage in trade with Red and Blue team if you like, generally act as neutral.
  • Strong community with solid rules based around making gaming fun. You won't come across any cheaters or griefers here."
The Godfeathers Uneekly [US]Evolution-Fresh PvP Focused Tribe. Accepting new and experienced players.
Team Raven McRaven [PvP]Nextwave2 PvP, raiding, and tribe vs. tribe combat.
Omnisexual Traffic Cones Mr. Arm Day UnstableNation We're looking for more to join our tribe or even join the server and start other tribes. We do it all, and interested in whatever the group online would like to try.
Endless Worlds Mortalis [GER 24/7] - Anarchie der Dodo´s [PVE] PVE, Sammeln, Basen Bau, Zähmen, Erkundung von Hölen
Dino Busters Expede Jurassic-pARK We are a mainly PvE oriented tribe intent on beating the brood mother and utilizing everything Ark has to offer. If the server gets more players we are more than willing to go on raids and engage in pvp
Forever Alone Kenanchi GSR Gaming PvE focused server/tribe. We construct great things and fight to survive. Raiding is also an option. Friendly and casual (adults). Our server have doubled untamed dino's damage and resistance, giving our exploring trips abit more flavour. We currently hold a pretty vast stronghold near the eastern spawns, so if you want to build your home in our town, you are very welcome.
Occult Research Club SatanSaysHai Another Day On The Prairie We are just a true trying to get far and be able to thrive as of right now. The more things progress, the more we will evolve to best fit everyone in the Tribe's preferences.
Phut_Buckers Gregs2k2 ragequitters PVE PVE. Teamwork, mass building and taming. Friendly and co-operative tribe who also like to have a laugh.
The Red Oracle Rakki The Librarian KinasRaiders PVE server - Max level dinos - Adult admined and maintained. Tribe focus is on community security. All dinos are private owned All property is private owned. Community projects and work centers. Help is always available. Low levels welcome. Griefing not tolerated.
Tribe of Bro Lectrik Jurassic Arch 24/7 PvPvE PvPvE, tribe coop, no downloads, nobody cheats. Strictly enforced, admins must grind just as everybody else does.
Les Amazones Winnie Lost Island Server PvPvE, PvP Soft
The Overlords Entak LYHME Network Domination - PvP, PvE, Base Building, Taming, and so much more!
Duke Nukem2000 Mostly PvE focusing on bigger and bigger base's along with more and more Dino's until we have ridiculous amounts of all.
Omnomnom Elvi Original Feierabendbier PvE PVE, Taming, Tribe Community, Community events possible, fresh player friendly.
The Red Devils Killemall SirNation PvE server We focus on building up our base and protecting it at all costs. We already have a carno, spino, and many other animals as well. We accept almost everybody if you are able to come to our base of operations (spawn in East 2).
Dromaeo Ava Avas World PvE, Exploring, looking for rivalizing Tribes (no focus on Base destruction)
Blood Relish Jean Robert [FR/PVE]LFDA-Island Notre tribu est composé de structure propriétaire, tel que vos maisons et de structure pour la tribu, comme l’entrepôt et la maison principale. Chacun a son Argentavis et généralement un autre dino, mais toute la tribu peut utilisé les dino de chacun s'il n'y a pas d'interdiction. Toute la tribu peut donc nourrir tout les dino, nous disposons aussi de T-Rex et de Spino. Le serveur est modifié pour éviter de trop s'ennuyer sans pour autant exagéré et ainsi éviter l'XP x10 etc. La vitesse du tamng est multiplié par 2 et les nuits sont plus courte et le staff organise des évents tout les weekend.
Wolfpack Aardwolf NAG Tribe base expansion, animals tamed, defensive ability and resources.
Jurassic Ark ThePatriot50 Jurassic Ark Jurassic Ark is the host of the Jurassic Ark server. PvPvE is our focus, battling both the dangerous creatures the walk the island and occasionally the other players of the server under the rules of war that we have on the server. We also host server events such as The Dino Arena and Double XP weekends. Jurassic Ark will not be the only tribe in the server and looks to have many other tribes join in.
Balthasars Bad Habit Grifter Drunkninja Building fortresses and taming the entire island.
Os Tesudos NetXunga Power ARK PT Imprisoning those who fail to raid our base.
The Glue Police Keanna Almost There OVE To work towards the endgame, leveling, and helping out other tribe members.
Celery Men Zach Whitten Boyton We focus on building, PvE, raiding, and taming.
Pounding Monkeys Chaac Ark Survifool 90 Dino's 3x Tame spd Focus on PVE, and somewhat PVP, not too much, friendly. communist tribe (Every Dinosaur belong to everyone, if its a T-rex we tamed a week ago, or a Dodo you tamed just now, same goes for buildings). We also plan to gather the artifacts and summon the Brood-mother, more then once.

Our main goal is to have fun!"

The Earthworms Earthworm Jerry (Criken2) Mr. Moon's ARK Captures people and use them for food and fertilizer. At war with Lords of the Hunt; allies with The Kermit Frogs. Base doubles as prison and Earthworm Jerry don't care who ya' are, they will take you and use you as a slave.
Planet Express Crew Merc PXPServer Private server looking for people to join. Dinos are stronger. Difficulty is at 2. Structures are much stronger. More numerous dinos. We have several events, including player-hunting, a gladiator arena, supply caches, and scavenger hunts.
Hodo Monogato Unofficial , PVE Queensland Gamers PVE teamwork and fun (Australia based)
Klippenspringer Wolf_der_Kleine German:Gamers_Club_ARK_Server Our Focus is Team and Groupplay. Momentan sind wir 8-10 Regelmäßige Spieler.
RazrNet Ydrogen NorajBBQ PvE, Building
Sword Force Sword [EU] Welcome to the Jungle 24/7 Focus is PVE at the moment, as the Server isn't highly visited but we're a more familiar group and enjoy playing cooperative to build a strong tribe.
Tribe:DrownesvilleClub CMM2 Bksalwaysonserver Dinos! Pve not pvp
Ruckus Ed Stafford Noah's Dino Ark [No Griefing - Active Admins] PvE, PvP, Exploration, Advancement, Cooperation. Planned tribe events once we expand and level.
Power Rangers MightyCheez Vulcan Survival Airborne Dinos, Rexes, Fortresses, Dodo Fight Club, Hunting, PVP, PVE
panda tribe troy/banksy [uk] planet nibel snarf community We are a PvE/PvP server with a no base damage mod on. we are all part of 1 community but working in groups of 2/3 to make it more fun to build towns and cities. Active admins nearly 24 hours a day.
BringersOfTheDawn Sriro BringersOfTheDawn PvE, tribe events and Dino training.
Blackstone =VX9= NatGarro=VX9= =VX9= PVPVE Isla Sorna/Double EXP/2X Harvest/HC Dinos PVP, building large bases, and teaching new players.
Tribe of Thor Elias79 NordickPve We are focused now on building our walls because we get attacked my a lot of Raptors, but we will have events in future :)
The First of Us LilMissCantBeWrong ChazRumzz Dino taming, crafting, exploring, and soon tribe events!
Crowe Nation Scott We Are The Community We are the powerhouse of the server. We keep the peace, we are merchants, and we are explorers. New tribe members get a welcome kit and a room at the ARKiday Inn Express until they ready to build their own place. Must have teamspeak and join our teamspeak server to join the tribe. More info at on our server website at
Disneyland Oliver Queen Neutral tribe - Main focus; taming dinosaurs, farming, crafting and building
The Molerats Molerat Jenji Insomnia Saints x10 XP x5 FARM x20 TAME Semi-Neutral tribe. Dedicated to helping others, building, and crafting. Known to kidnap people at random.
The Survivors Nerull The Lost World [Jurassic ARK] +PVPVE+ PvPvE server. Currently owned and operated by Nerull. We are aiming for fun and active community and are currently seeking more people to join our server. We have active and fair admins who do not raid or play favorites.

Server Features: 2x Taming Speeds, Longer Day/Shorter Night, and 3x Resource Gathering. For questions or to join our great community contact Nerull at

The Brave Companions Bedlam3 HSGenesis Mostly stock settings. Slightly shorter nights. Focus on developing newer players. Winter is coming!
Mud People
Mud People
Zimm Pooping Evolved We do not kill on sight (KOS). We are peaceful until provoked. (we need a bigger stick to do the provoking)

Laid back, chill people...enjoying our first play-through.

Allied Wraith Confederation - AWC Raine [RO] ArkXcess [4x XP/Tame/Harvest/Fast Res Respawn] The Allied Wraith Confederation prides itself on honor; among clan members, other clans and players without clans.
Dinopower Ogg Ark South African Survivors : IP - : 21010 Mostly vanilla PVE Primitive Plus server. Come and join us as we explore this wonderous land, help us build and tame, but mainly, join us for some fun. Either be welcomed to our clan, or head out on your own tribe, either will be supported and helped by Dinoclan members.

Server details : Accelerated nights x3, Dinotaming x 3, Xp x 8, Breeding x 5, Dino levels at 150, difficulty offset 5, Crosshairs allowed, Cave building allowed, PVE only, Trouble makers unceremoniously beaten then kicked!

Rex offenders NA 406 pvp Xbox one High level tribe with two bases need more players, message xXpurdy100Xx on xbox live
West Coast 9 to 5 Lkn4truth West Coast 9 to 5 Small social server of adult professionals working on the west coast of the US using mumble for chat. Looking for a few new friends to join us with end game content.
Fléche de l'ark Shino pve construction taming breeding (server ts du serveur) serveur the center (3)
LRA Logo
Lords Resistance Army
GamerTag: Holy Lord Elite Xbox Servers 97, 455 And 763 We Are A Tribe Of Raiders Who Specialize In Robbing Other Tribes, Killing Their Tames, Quickly Vanishing With Their Loot And Storing It In Our Safehouses, We Capture And Enslave Any Victims And Add Them To Our Army.
Tribe of Nat Nat ARK Gaming Evolved Modded This server is running a few mods, such as Annunaki Genesis, PV's Dragon Gods, Ark Advanced, and many other fun mods. This is a PVP/PVE server. I am on the Center Map. I also have a TeamSpeak server to chat during gameplay. Right now I am just by myself, so I have 34 more slots for anyone who wishes to play. Just send me a message and I will send you the password for the server. You can also reach me at my email
DinoP-rn Flag
Dino P*rn
SamOfArc [EU-DE] - Beginner Friendly PVE (Center Map)

[EU-DE] - RG - Beginner Friendly PVE (Ragnarok Map)

These servers are running some awesome mods (Bridges, GAF Structures, EggNPoop Collector N Incubator, GlassMetal, Death Recovery, Upgrade Station, Scorched Earth Plus, Ark Postal Service, eco´s RP Decor, eco Trees, eco´s Tek Decor, Castles and Fortress, Wyvern Mating).

Join us on We are currently running rhe Ragnarok Map.