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Eerie Creatures are an upcoming variant of normal Creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile found exclusively in Dungeons. These Creatures have an Eerie glow to them and some serve as challenges in the Dungeons.

They are untamable by default, more so due to the nature of where they can only be found. However, to be able to obtain one, they must be revived like any other deceased tamed creatures by taking hold of its Creature Implant that was left behind.

To be able to breed for an Eerie baby, both parents must be Eerie. Breeding an Eerie Creature with a normal Creature will always produce a normal creature. However, it is possible for two Eerie Creatures to produce offspring with a "reverse" mutation, in which the baby will be a normal Creature.

List of Eerie Creatures[]

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  • At first glance, Eerie Creatures can be mistakenly identified as Aberrant Creatures. However, Aberrants glow color are fixated based on their color region, whereas Eerie glow colors often change, and both patterns may be different between each other.
  • Eerie Creatures have a higher chance of getting a Mutation when bred.
  • Unlike other variants, Eerie Creatures are considered as regular creatures with the additional effect and as such can be bred with a regular creature if the survivor does not want the effect on the baby.