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Королева Ледяных Червей
Королева Ледяных Червей
Iceworm Image.pngIceworm Image
Iceworm Image
Места Обитания
Ice Queen Labyrinth, accessible through the Frozen Dungeon

The Iceworm Queen is one of the Dungeon Bosses of Ragnarok. She can be found in the Iceworm Queen Arena

Basic Info[]


Upon entering the Arena, the Queen will emerge out of the ground after a quick check for challengers. She only shows up if you aren't riding on a creature while you fall into the water at the bottom of the waterfall.


The Queen has a light blue color scheme with white appendages and grey claws. She also has the standard "alpha" glow around her.


  • Alpha Deathworm Trophy Alpha Deathworm Trophy
  • AnglerGel AnglerGel
  • Black Pearl Black Pearl
  • Deathworm Horn Deathworm Horn
  • Hide Hide
  • Keratin Keratin
  • Leech Blood Leech Blood
  • Manticore Helmet Skin Manticore Helmet Skin
  • Organic Polymer Organic Polymer
  • Raw Meat Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat Raw Prime Meat

Base Stats and Growth[]

NOTE that the Iceworm Queen spawns at level 10 at minimum and that the stats below are for it's 10 stats not level 1 stats.

Обратите внимание, что существа будут иметь другие характеристики в Survival of the Fittest

Базовые Характеристики
Атрибут Сумма на уровне 1 Увеличение на единицу Бонус Приручения
Дикий Прирученный1 Прибавка Мульт
Здоровье Здоровье 27000 +54 +Ошибка выражения: неопознанное слово «n»%
Выносливость Выносливость 100 +10 +0%
Кислород Кислород N/A ? ?
Еда Еда 100 +10 +0%
Вес Вес 100 +2 +0%
Урон в Ближнем Бою Урон 5002 +25 +0%
Скорость Передвижения Скорость Передвижения 100% Н/Д3 +0%
Оглушение Оглушение 100 +6 Н/Д4

1Проценты основаны на значении характеристики в тот момент, когда существо было приручено (после прибавки эффективности укрощения)
2Здесь вместо процента показан абсолютный Базовый Урон.
3У диких Существ скороть передвижения не повышается
4Оглушение увеличивается каждый уровень у диких существ, но не может быть увеличена после приручения.

Скорость Передвижения
Тип Передвижения Базовая Скорость Спринт Использование Выносливости
Дикий Прирученный
Ходьба ? ? ? ?
Плавание 600 Н/Д Н/Д Н/Д



The Iceworm Queen is powerful but with a few people, it is easy to defeat. She spawns at a minimum of level 10 (if only 1 person is present) and will gain 10 levels per challenger.


Have one person go up to it with a shield, while others can shoot at it. Or on a cluster get a good Velonasaur and shoot at it. Alternatively, use Cryopods to bring 2 mate boosted Baryonyx for an easy win.


Use Assault Rifles or other high-tier fabricated weapons to deal massive damage in the quickest time it is a DPS race.


The Queen has strong attacks and it can easily kill survivors who improperly get too close. The Queen is nearly guaranteed to get the first strike or at least strike once after emerging due to her massive attack hitbox.


The Queen remains stationary as long as someone is within her attack range. Someone up close using a shield is safe from her attacks and can keep her attention while other players shoot away.



  • it's suggested based on the area you fight her in that she is strong enough to take down both a Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus as a giga is paralyzed next to several eggs suggesting it'll be eaten alive by the baby's once they hatch and a Megapithecus Megapithecus as one can be found dead lying near the entrance to the egg chamber.
  • She is one of the 3 mini boss battles in Ragnarok, with the others being the Lava Elemental Lava Elemental in the Forest dungeon and the Spirit Direbear Spirit Direbear and Spirit Direwolf Spirit Direwolf in the Lifes Labyrinth dungeon.
  • The Iceworm Queen is the largest creature on Ragnarok.
  • The Iceworm Queen is one of the largest creatures in game even surpassing the Titanosaur Titanosaur and the smaller titans (tested on Ragnarok by spawning the Iceworm Queen at the top of the castle and spawning in a Forest Titan Forest Titan) if you take into consideration the rest of its body that's submerged in the ground and how the body curves it would at least be 70 meters long possibly reaching up to 80 meters or larger.
    • that makes it the fourth largest creature in the game only being smaller than the King Titan King Titan, Rockwell Rockwell and Moeder, Master of the Ocean Moeder, Master of the Ocean.
  • Unfortunately it looks like killing it doesn't counts towards the Chibi progress although its counted as an Alpha Deathworm.
  • if you blaze through the cave and avoid killing her and reach the end then repeat, more iceworm males and queens will will spawn in the same place but the rewards will increase.