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Данной статье требуется перевод. Вы можете помочь, расширив данную статью с помощью перевода на русский язык.


The Roll Rat is one of the Creatures in the Aberration-DLC of ARK: Survival Evolved.

Basic Info[]


В этом разделе представлен точный перевод текста досье, написанного первопроходцем Хеленой. Здесь могут быть некоторые расхождения между этим текстом и положением в игре.


Bearing a strong resemblance to its relative, the Naked Mole Rat, Heterocephalus magnus is a gentle giant that digs for plants and fungi with its imposing front teeth. While foraging, it often uncovers precious resources inadvertently, but survivors should claim them with caution, as this triggers an aggressive response.

When threatened, Heterocephalus rolls up into a ball to shield itself with the armored plates on its back, much like an armadillo. It then rolls around like an oversized bowling ball, smashing through rocks, walls, and hopefully its aggressor.


While hardly a ferocious war beast, Heterocephalus is an effective transport that can carry up to three passengers. In theory, it could also be siege weapon, as its rolling attack can dent even metal. Fortunately, most survivors use a special saddle that deploys a protective canopy when it starts spinning, which not only keeps them from getting squished, but provides extra protection to the rider and mount alike.

~ Хелена


A passive creature, it does not attack unless provoked, by either attacking it or stealing any resources it has dug up after burrowing and emerging.

Wild Roll Rats regularly dig underground and pop back up in the same spot, unearthing gems. They frequently unearth Green Gems, sometimes unearth Blue Gems and rarely unearth Red Gems. Collecting the unearthed gems makes the Roll Rat hostile. They lose this ability after taming.


The Roll Rat shares many similarities to that of a Naked Mole Rat.

Color Scheme and Regions[]

В этом разделе отображаются возможные цвета и регионы окрашивания на теле. Для наглядности, Кротокрыс имеет белый окрас(альбинос), а его места окрашивания на теле(регионы) помечены красным цветом. Цветные квадраты, которые находятся под описанием каждого региона, являются цветами, в которые это регион будет случайным образом окрашиваться, чтобы обеспечить допустимый диапазон его естественной цветовой схемы. Наведите курсор на цвет, чтобы отобразить его имя и идентификатор.

Администраторы сервера могут использовать эту информацию о регионе в Командах Консоли "cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID>".
Например, "cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6" покрасит Кротокрыс "body main" фиолетовый.

Roll Rat PaintRegion0.png
Регион 0:
Body Main
X mark.svg

Регион 1 не используется
у этого существа.

X mark.svg

Регион 2 не используется
у этого существа.

X mark.svg

Регион 3 не используется
у этого существа.

Roll Rat PaintRegion4.png
Регион 4:
Roll Rat PaintRegion5.png
Регион 5:


  • Raw Meat
  • Hide
  • Keratin

Base Stats and Growth[]

Обратите внимание, что существа будут иметь другие характеристики в Survival of the Fittest

Базовые Характеристики
Атрибут Сумма на уровне 1 Увеличение на единицу Бонус Приручения
Дикий Прирученный1 Прибавка Мульт
Здоровье 850 +170 +5.4% 0.07 (TBHM: 90%6)
Выносливость 300 +30 +10%
Кислород 150 +15 +10%
Еда 3000 +300 +10% 15%
Вес 400 +8 +4%
Урон 422 +2.1 +1.7% 14% 17.6%
Скорость Передвижения 100% Н/Д3 +2%
Оглушение 800 +48 Н/Д4 0.5

1Проценты основаны на значении характеристики в тот момент, когда существо было приручено (после прибавки эффективности укрощения)
2Здесь вместо процента показан абсолютный Базовый Урон.
3У диких Существ скороть передвижения не повышается
4Оглушение увеличивается каждый уровень у диких существ, но не может быть увеличена после приручения.
6TamedBaseHealthMultiplier (TBHM) применяется сразу после укрощения, прежде чем применяется аддитивный бонус).

Скорость Передвижения
Тип Передвижения Базовая Скорость Спринт Использование Выносливости
Дикий Прирученный
Ходьба 250 750 750 5
Плавание 300 Н/Д Н/Д Н/Д

Повышения характеристик дикого существа

Введите значения дикого существа, чтобы увидеть, в какую характеристику оно ушло. Зеленые значения на существе высокого уровня очень хороши для выведения. Если вы уже приручили свое существо, вы можете попытаться восстановить статистику с помощью внешнего инструмента.[1]


Калькулятор характеристик не работает в мобильной версии, смотрите здесь альтернативы: Приложения

Обратите внимание, что после приручения существо получает бонусы на некоторые характеристики в зависимости от эффективности приручения. Это затрудняет получение уровней на прирученном существе, поэтому этот инструмент только для диких, но дает первое представление, насколько хорошо распределены характеристики.



The Roll Rat is a generally passive creature until it is either attacked by the player or if one picks up gems that are laying nearby. When that occurs, the Roll Rat will become hostile and will attack the player. When this occurs, try and run if you can. Your odds of survival are slim.


Like any rat, just wallop it until it's dead. Note that with its large turning circle, it is prone to falling off cliffs.


Use ranged attacks to go and take down the Roll Rat. It is highly advised to avoid close quarter combat or you may get rolled. Its best to either use ranged weapons or try and use a sturdy tame.


If you take the crystals it digs up, it attacks you, otherwise it is passive. As it is a source of the rare Red Gems, this is often worth it.


Mediocre speed when not rolling and its large turn radius makes it a weakness towards Roll Rats.


Roll Rat.png Уровень 1 Интервал Время
Giant Bee Honey.png Мёд Гигантской Пчелы 1 00:00 0:06:01
Roll Rat.png Уровень 30 Интервал Время
Giant Bee Honey.png Мёд Гигантской Пчелы 2 12:01 0:12:01
Roll Rat.png Уровень 60 Интервал Время
Giant Bee Honey.png Мёд Гигантской Пчелы 3 09:00 0:18:01
Roll Rat.png Уровень 90 Интервал Время
Giant Bee Honey.png Мёд Гигантской Пчелы 4 08:00 0:24:01
Roll Rat.png Уровень 120 Интервал Время
Giant Bee Honey.png Мёд Гигантской Пчелы 5 07:30 0:30:01
Roll Rat.png Уровень 150 Интервал Время
Giant Bee Honey.png Мёд Гигантской Пчелы 6 07:12 0:36:01

Обратите внимание, что значения указаны для оптимальных случаев, всегда приносите с собой еду для приручения с запасом!
Чтобы подсчитать количество необходимых ресурсов в зависимости от уровня существа, попробуйте внешний калькулятор приручения.

Preferred Food[]

Giant Bee Honey

Taming Strategy (PC)[]

The Roll Rat has a unique variation to the Passive Taming mechanic - rather than directly pressing E to feed an item to the creature, you have to wait until it burrows down into the ground. Aim at the hole and press 0 (zero) to throw the food at the hole and repeat every time it burrows back in until it is fully tamed. It only accepts Giant Bee Honey as its food source for taming.

Once tamed however, the Roll Rat has a standard herbivore diet.

Quick Steps
  1. Place a single Giant Bee Honey in the last inventory slot.
  2. Wait for the Roll Rat to burrow. Once it's tail is up in the air, it's time to throw.
  3. Aim at the hole and press 0 (zero) to throw the Giant Bee Honey at the hole. Note that this does NOT make you eat the honey.
  4. Repeat all steps until tamed.

The Roll Rat occasionally begins its burrow animation but instead just unearths food - avoid being trigger happy if you have limited resources. You cannot pick thrown honey back up.

Also be aware that because of its large turning circle, it is prone to falling off cliffs midway through the taming process.

  • It appears as though you can "claim" a Roll Rat tame by throwing the honey on the ground in front of it. On PC, other attempts to feed it this way are ignored.
  • The Roll Rat's tame is cancelled if it enters combat - resetting ownership, progress and effectiveness.
  • The Roll Rat occasionally damages nearby units when it eats or emerges from its hole - this does not cause you to enter combat.

You have to wait until the Roll Rat starts to burrow and then throw Giant Bee Honey near them to eat.


Unlike the overwhelming majority of creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved, the Roll Rat's saddle has a durability component that is damaged by combat, or by collisions with clippable resources (except foliage) while rolling. This reduces its usefulness in combat.



Roll Rats can transport several people safely and quickly by rolling. When riding the rat and holding rmb, it rolls forward at a fast pace. On its way, it breaks rocks and trees that are in its path, however this reduces the durability of the saddle.

It also has 80% weight reduction for Wood and Fungal Wood Aberration Icon.png.


The Roll Rat is a good Wood harvester and a decent Mushroom and Berry harvester, and will even harvest berries and mushrooms by itself if set to wander.


  • Feed them Stimberries while riding the Roll Rat and they will produce a very high amount of feces.


  • Rolling into trees, large mushrooms and rocks will destroy them. This can be used to clear out areas of land quickly to be used for construction, although the resources from the trees and rocks are not harvested. In the same vein, Roll Rats can bulldoze their way through wood and stone structures with relative ease, making them primitive base breakers. They do more damage the faster they're going and leveling up melee damage amplifies the damage they deal.

Weight Reduction[]

The Roll Rat reduces the weight of the following resources by the listed amount while they are in its inventory:

Ресурс Уменьшается на
Fungal Wood Aberration Icon.png 80%
Fungal Wood Extinction Icon.png 80%
Wood 80%


Ресурс Эффективность
Wood.png Wood ★★★★★
Thatch.png Thatch ★★☆☆☆
Berries.png Berries ★☆☆☆☆



Для информации, относящейся конкретно к реальному миру Кротокрыс, см. соответствующую статью на Wikipedia

  • The torn dossier for this creature was first revealed on October 28, 2017.[2]
  • The Roll Rat's ability to roll resembles that of Doedicurus, however the RMB must be held down for the Roll Rat to continue rolling, and the Doedicurus's saddle does not take damage when rolling.
  • The dossier states that the Roll Rat's roll can dent even metal. However this is currently not the case as the roll does no damage to metal structures (but is devastating against stone structures.) Whether or not this is a bug or intentional is currently unknown at this time but as it stands, this fact contradicts the dossier.
  • Roll Rats gain more movement speed while rolling if levels into movement speed are invested and/or if they're imprinted. This can make Roll Rats the fastest creature for land travel by far but controlling them at such speeds is nigh impossible. Movespeed-invested Roll Rats would not be advised for travel on Aberration or Extinction due to the nature of the maps (Aberration has several steep cliffs and Extinction doesn't have a barrier at the map edges to stop your momentum which can lead to the death of you and your Roll Rat should you cross the edge.)
  • Oddly enough, Roll Rats take full damage from bullets, unlike nearly every other creature in the game.
  • In the Seeker dossier, it shows a group of Seekers attacking a Roll Rat.
  • Real Naked Moll Rats eat plants but they mostly eat the roots and bulbs of the plant. Ark's Roll Rat have adapted to eating the Giant Bee Honey.