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Disambig.png Это статья о Мегахелон, не путайте с Megalosaurus, Megaloceros, Megalania, Megatherium, Megalodon, или Meganeura


Genesis Part 1 DLC.jpg Genesis Part 2 DLC.jpg Эта статья посвящена существу, предмету или особенности, эксклюзивному в DLC: Genesis: Часть 1, Genesis: Часть 2
Crafting Light.png Эта статья посвящена существу, элементу или функции, которая объявлена, но еще не выпущена.
Чтобы увидеть функции, которые будут выпущены в ближайшее время, см. Список Изменений.

Гигантская Черепаха это Существо из дополнения Genesis для ARK: Survival Evolved.

Базовая Информация[]


Гигантская черепаха - это прирученное существо с панцирем, на которой можно построить базу. При погружении в воду вокруг корпуса будет образовываться воздушный пузырь.

Внешний Вид[]

Цветовая Схема и Регионы[]

X mark.svg

Мегахелон в настоящий момент не имеет информации о регионах, потому что ещё не выпущено.


Базовые Характеристики и Повышения[]

Обратите внимание, что существа будут иметь другие характеристики в Survival of the Fittest

Базовые Характеристики
Атрибут Сумма на уровне 1 Увеличение на единицу Бонус Приручения
Дикий Прирученный1 Прибавка Мульт
Здоровье ? ? ?
Выносливость ? ? ?
Кислород ? ? ?
Еда ? ? ?
Вес ? ? ?
Урон ?2 ? ?
Скорость Передвижения ? Н/Д3 ?
Оглушение ? ? Н/Д4

1Проценты основаны на значении характеристики в тот момент, когда существо было приручено (после прибавки эффективности укрощения)
2Здесь вместо процента показан абсолютный Базовый Урон.
3У диких Существ скороть передвижения не повышается
4Оглушение увеличивается каждый уровень у диких существ, но не может быть увеличена после приручения.

Скорость Передвижения
Тип Передвижения Базовая Скорость Спринт Использование Выносливости
Дикий Прирученный
Ходьба ? ? ? ?
Плавание ? Н/Д Н/Д Н/Д

Повышения характеристик дикого существа

Введите значения дикого существа, чтобы увидеть, в какую характеристику оно ушло. Зеленые значения на существе высокого уровня очень хороши для выведения. Если вы уже приручили свое существо, вы можете попытаться восстановить статистику с помощью внешнего инструмента.[1]


Калькулятор характеристик не работает в мобильной версии, смотрите здесь альтернативы: Приложения

Обратите внимание, что после приручения существо получает бонусы на некоторые характеристики в зависимости от эффективности приручения. Это затрудняет получение уровней на прирученном существе, поэтому этот инструмент только для диких, но дает первое представление, насколько хорошо распределены характеристики.


В этом разделе описывается, как бороться с гигантской черепахой.


  • The Megachelon is very slow and you should be able to outswim it.
  • Structures can be placed on its back without having a saddle. Use caution when removing/equiping saddle for it will destroy structures currently on its back.


  • Lure the Megachelon above water and shoot at it with an Assault Rifle or a high power Rocket Launcher.
  • When fighting underwater use a Crossbow or an underwater tame.
  • Try to stay on its shell and stab it with a Spear or Pike. The Megachelon can't hit you when on its shell and it will provide you with oxygen


  • Any weapon that can fire underwater or a high Dps weapon.


  • None except the high damage per hit. However, due to its high health pool, other dangers such as Electrophorus, Manta and Megalodon are to be expected from as it will take a long while to kill it. Keep in mind that while slow and vulnerable, a Megachelon that manages to land hit on players will make short work of them. Be sure to not expose yourself to its powerful jaws.


достаточно просто забраться черепахе на спину и вы можете спокойно убить ее

  • The Megachelon is extremely slow. Meaning a player can keep their distance while attacking easily.
  • Its turning radius is also atrocious, making it very easy to get killed by something like Sarco once you get behind it, because of this, even Wild Electrophorus can easily outflank it, and slowly draining its health.


Общую информацию о приручении дикого существа см. в Приручение.

You've tamed yourself an island, I reckon.

Passive Tame[]

The Megachelon must be tamed passively with a unique mechanic; locate a Parakeet Fish School (also called Microbe Swarm when they target you) which can commonly be found in the deeper depths and let it target you. Slowly bring the school to the Megachelon and they should start to follow it, initiating the taming process. Make sure that when you are approaching the Megachelon with the Parakeet Fish School, the fish school is targeting you as a survivor, NOT a tame that you are riding. Make sure it says that you are being targeted by a Microbe Swarm when approaching the Megachelon. Otherwise, the fish school can bug out and not properly initiate the taming process.

Megalodons commonly attack the Megachelon so make sure you kill any of them in the vicinity. If they attack the Megachelon the taming progress drops down. Also, Sabertooth Salmon and Coelacanth will constantly spawn and attack the Parakeet Fish School and eventually kill it; this is an "anti-trap" mechanic to ensure that it is being tamed as it roams around the water, though it will still need protection. A Bloodstalker is great for grabbing the fish and instantly killing them when you drag them above water and also helps to bypass the anti-trap mechanic due to their pinpoint precision, so long as you pay constant attention. Otherwise, a pair of SCUBA flippers and a pike is usually enough alongside a mount that you can regain stamina on. Focus on the larger fish that can spawn as smaller fish can't normally catch the Megachelon and swarm as long as it's moving around. You may need someone else assisting to actively kill the fish or be out acquiring more Parakeet Fish Schools to continue the taming if your first fish school is killed. In general, taming a Megachelon is at least a 2-person job in most circumstances though higher taming rates on a server can make it doable with just one.

Еда для Приручения[]


The Megachelon is tamed for its utility purposes. First and foremost, it can support a base on its back to ferry survivors safely and provide them with constant Oxygen while they are around it. The Megachelon itself can shoot a stream of bubbles that captures creatures and survivors in a bubble and make them float upwards to the surface; this is useful if Megalodon or other hostiles are in your way and you want them to be moved. While the Megachelon doesn't appear to have any special reductions on Weight for resources, its high weight capacity allows it to ferry materials with ease. While it has a very powerful bite, the Megachelon is very slow and has a slow turning speed which makes it a poor battle creature against anything partially mobile. It's advised to have some guardian creatures to fend off the dangers of the ocean though a high-level Megachelon can take a lot of punishment.

Megachelons also passively produce rare mushrooms and rare flowers with no limitation.


  • Mobile Base: The Megachelon offers the ability to create a base on its back in addition to Oxygen vents allowing you to breathe underwater. Along with also being able to clamber onto land, these combined attributes make the Megachelon an amazing and versatile base.
  • Mobile Green House: The Megachelon offers the ability to irrigate any number of crop plots placed on it's back.
  • Tank: The Megachelon has an extremely large health pool and resistance to projectiles on its shell, allowing it to tank bullets from Turrets if positioned properly against them. Structures can also be built on the back of the Megachelon to protect the rider, so turrets aimed against players can be made ineffective in that purpose.
  • Transport: The Megachelon can climb up mountains and cliffs very well (assuming they aren't vertical or near vertical), and doesn't draw aggro on most creatures. They do take heavy fall damage, however, so one must be prepared to dismount in the event of a freefall to prevent the fall damage.
  • Chitin Farmer: The Megachelon can be harvested for their shell fragments, which equal 50 chitin when put into an industrial grinder. On top of that, Megachelons can be bred, allowing a constant source of shell fragments, and in turn, chitin. This makes Megachelons a secondary source of chitin with the primary source coming from arthropods.
  • Rare Flower/Mushroom Source: The Megachelon passively produces rare mushrooms and rare flowers in large quantities endlessly, nullifying the need to farm these materials in dangerous locations. They also produce azulberry seeds and amarberry seeds, but these are usually tossed out. The level of the Megachelon does not appear to determine the production rate of these materials, so taming a low-level one is sufficient if this is all you want one for.


All structures except for Tek Transmitters, Pipes, Auto Turret, Crop Plots with Plant Species X, Behemoth Gateway, Vault, and Industrial Forge can be built on its back including feeding troughs, storage chests and beds. However, the saddle has a limit of 188 structures on its back. Every little thing counts from foundations to electrical keypads (including structures that are built alongside the saddle like ladders).

Weight inside the inventory of storage structures on the saddle is not ignored by the Megachelon. Take advantage of animals that have weight reduction capabilities to greatly enhance your overall carry capacity.

The saddle cannot be removed from the Megachelon if structures are still on the platform. To remove the saddle, all structures must be destroyed first.

The saddle cannot be dyed if structures are still on the platform. To dye the saddle, all structures must be destroyed first.



  • Это первое морское существо, на котором можно построить подводную водонепроницаемую базу, поскольку вакуумные отсеки не могут быть установлены на седлах-платформах Мозазавра и Плезиозавра.
  • The Megachelon is the first aquatic creature that can house an underwater, waterproof base.
  • Megachelon is often followed by a flock of small birds which it doesn't control, but the birds make for a nice aesthetic.
  • The amount of cosmetic vegetation that grows on the Megachelon's shell is directly tied the combined weight number of Rare Flowers and Rare Mushrooms it has produced in its inventory, slowly and subtly changing its cosmetic appearance with a new 'growth stage' for roughly every 100 weight units that have been produced; reaching the final stage of plant growth at around 1,000 units of weight. This final cosmetic growth stage can be kept indefinitely as long as the combined weight of flowers and mushrooms is equal to or greater than 1,000 units. Removing flowers and mushrooms to below this weight amount will result in reverting the Megachelon's plant growth cosmetic in proportion to the amount of weight that remains (E.G. 500 weight units of flowers and mushrooms will result in the 50% growth appearance, less than 100 units of weight remaining will revert the Megachelon's growth stages completely and reset it to bare-shelled). The transition in appearance is not instant, however, and the change in cosmetic growth will occur the next time the Megachelon produces flowers and mushrooms in its inventory, functioning as a 'growth check' mechanic. Note: although it also produces Amarberry Seeds and Azulberry Seeds, these do not contribute to the cosmetic growth stages. (Needs further testing)
  • When submerging (pressing C on PC version) any players standing on the back of the Megachelon are moved to a passenger seat.
  • Like all Genesis: Part 1 exclusive creatures, the Megachelon does not have a proper Dossier made by Helena, as Helena was not present as a normal survivor in the simulation.
  • Megachelon can only be bred or hatched at extreme depths. Seafloor on The Island is not deep enough. Even large amounts of Air Conditioning or Dimetrodons will not bypass the depth requirement for eggs, as it will still say that it is too hot. Can be bred/hatched in particularly deep parts of the Genesis ocean. Some spots include the area around the mission beacon for "One Tough Moeder". Yet some particularly deep parts of Ragnarok are deep enough to breed and raise the megachelon. Tested on or The Center, great depths works there as well. Can’t be bred on Valguero. Babies can be Cryopoded and moved to shallow water or land after hatching.
  • Its base Weight capacity beats the Basilisk and can level further than a Gasbags, making it the best permanent tamed creature to carry a lot of stuff.
  • The code name of the Megachelon is Giant Turtle.
  • The Megachelon is one of the two creatures that provides oxygen to the player while underwater, with the other being Diplocaulus.


Patch Changes
306.41 Genesis: Part 1 Expansion Release Megachelon is added to the game.
  • Fixed an issue with extra Megachelon taming methods, such as passively feeding it or knocking it out and feeding it foods such as Giant Bee Honey.
  • Adjusted the platform build area on the Megachelon's back.
  • Fixed several taming effectiveness and taming multiplier bugs .
  • Removed the ability to place structures on Megachelon babies.
  • Adjusted Megachelon basing logic tor prevent extreme use cases.
  • Fixed a bug so the Megachelon can no longer be tamed out of render distance.
  • Can no longer apply a skin to a Megachelon Platform Saddle when structures have been placed on the Megachelon.
309.4 Reduced the cloning cost for a Megachelon using the Cloning Chamber.
310.41 Reduced the Megachelon's bubble-blowing attack when above the ground, such as in an elevated state off the ground.
312.35 Megachelon dermis now works on the Large Taxidermy Base.
  • Reduced shell resistance from 80% to 50%.
  • Reduced Health per level gains by approximately 15%.
  • Megachelon Dermis now works on Large Taxidermy Base.
313.30 Fixed a bug which prevented Megachelon from counting towards platform creature limits.
316.18 Reduced depth requirement for Megachelon breeding so that it can be bred on other maps.
334.3 Fixed some areas that prevented Megachelon from building.