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Genesis Part 1 DLC Эта статья посвящена существу, предмету или особенности, эксклюзивному в DLC: Genesis: Часть 2
Maewing image.pngMaewing image
Maewing image
Комманда призыва
admincheat summon Шаблон:BlueprintClassName
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Dinos/MilkGlider/MilkGlider_Character_BP.MilkGlider_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 35
Вариант Maewing (Hunt2)
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Missions/Hunt/Dinos/MilkGlider_Character_BP_TorporHunt.MilkGlider_Character_BP_TorporHunt'" 500 0 0 35
Вариант Maewing (Gauntlet2)
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Missions/ModularMission/Gauntlet2/STA/Dinos/MilkGlider_Character_BP_STA.MilkGlider_Character_BP_STA'" 500 0 0 35
Вариант Maewing (Race2)
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Missions/Race2/MilkGlider/MilkGlider_Character_BP_Race.MilkGlider_Character_BP_Race'" 500 0 0 35
Места Обитания
no MAP specified

Мейвинг это существо в Genesis: Part 2.

Basic Info[]


Our missing crew called this duck-billed glider a 'maewing'.
They genetically engineered it to be a wet nurse and surrogate parent for all kinds of baby animals.
Babies supposedly find their milk irresistible.



Wild Maewings are docile creatures that aimlessly wander around the Eden biome, and can also be found swimming within its lakes and rivers. When threatened, Maewings will take to the skies, jumping into the air and gliding away at high speeds.

When tamed, Maewings make excellent parents, as they automatically take care of your babies. They can even steal enemy offspring by grabbing them.


The Maewing is a hybrid creature crossed between a platypus and a flying squirrel. As a result, it possesses body parts both useful for aquatic and aerial mobility, such as webbed feet, a rudder-like tail, and a membrane of skin that stretches between its front and back legs (called a patagium) that grants it the ability the glide and parachute. It also sports a large, flattened beak and pointy ears, and just below its back are large teats, used to provide milk to babies. Unlike both the platypus and flying squirrel, however, the Maewing is quite big - large enough for a person to ride.

Color Scheme and Regions[]

В этом разделе отображаются возможные цвета и регионы окрашивания на теле. Для наглядности, Мейвинг имеет белый окрас(альбинос), а его места окрашивания на теле(регионы) помечены красным цветом. Цветные квадраты, которые находятся под описанием каждого региона, являются цветами, в которые это регион будет случайным образом окрашиваться, чтобы обеспечить допустимый диапазон его естественной цветовой схемы. Наведите курсор на цвет, чтобы отобразить его имя и идентификатор.

Администраторы сервера могут использовать эту информацию о регионе в Консольных Командах "cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ID Цветов>".
Например, "cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6" покрасит Мейвинг "main body" в фиолетовый.

Maewing PaintRegion0
Регион 0:
Main Body
Maewing PaintRegion1
Регион 1:
Membrane accents
Maewing PaintRegion2
Регион 2:
Maewing PaintRegion3
Регион 3:
Maewing PaintRegion4
Регион 4:
Maewing PaintRegion5
Регион 5:


  • Hide Hide
  • Keratin Keratin
  • Pelt Pelt
  • Raw Meat Raw Meat

Base Stats and Growth[]

Обратите внимание, что существа будут иметь другие характеристики в Survival of the Fittest

Базовые Характеристики
Атрибут Сумма на уровне 1 Увеличение на единицу Бонус Приручения
Дикий Прирученный1 Прибавка Мульт
Здоровье Здоровье 700 +59.5 +4.05%
Выносливость Выносливость 450 +22.5 +5%
Кислород Кислород 150 +15 +10%
Еда Еда 2000 +200 +10%
Вес Вес 400 +8 +4%
Урон в Ближнем Бою Урон 202 +1 +1.7% -25% 17.6%
Скорость Передвижения Скорость Передвижения 100% Н/Д3 +1%
Оглушение Оглушение 100 +6 Н/Д4 0.5

1Проценты основаны на значении характеристики в тот момент, когда существо было приручено (после прибавки эффективности укрощения)
2Здесь вместо процента показан абсолютный Базовый Урон.
3У диких Существ скороть передвижения не повышается
4Оглушение увеличивается каждый уровень у диких существ, но не может быть увеличена после приручения.

Скорость Передвижения
Тип Передвижения Базовая Скорость Спринт Использование Выносливости
Дикий Прирученный
Ходьба 468.8 1718.8 1718.8 -6
Плавание 750 Н/Д Н/Д Н/Д

Повышения характеристик дикого существа

Введите значения дикого существа, чтобы увидеть, в какую характеристику оно ушло. Зеленые значения на существе высокого уровня очень хороши для выведения. Если вы уже приручили свое существо, вы можете попытаться восстановить статистику с помощью внешнего инструмента.[1]


Калькулятор характеристик не работает в мобильной версии, смотрите здесь альтернативы: Приложения

Обратите внимание, что после приручения существо получает бонусы на некоторые характеристики в зависимости от эффективности приручения. Это затрудняет получение уровней на прирученном существе, поэтому этот инструмент только для диких, но дает первое представление, насколько хорошо распределены характеристики.

Nursing Effectiveness[]

Maewings act as Feeding Trough Feeding Troughs when Nursing is enabled. The Nursing Effectiveness stat increases the "trough"'s range (10 meters at 100%). It can only be leveled up by a player.

Additionally, each percentage in the Nursing Effectiveness stat makes the food satisfy babies' Food Food stat more by 1%.

The stat completely replaces Movement Speed Movement Speed, and does not affect the speed of the Maewing.


This section describes how to fight against the Maewing.


Maewings are passive creatures and will not attack when provoked. Rather, they seem inclined to flee by running or gliding away . They're very fast, so you may have difficulty keeping up with one, even if you're using the Federation's suit.


The best way to kill a Maewing is trapping it (if wild) and killing it with a Bow. They won't fight back, but unless trapped, they will jump and then glide away, forcing you to track it down.


The Maewing is fairly weak, meaning nearly any weapon can be used to kill it or knock it out.


Maewings are non-aggressive and pose little danger to survivors or nearby entities. Tracking them after they glide may lead you to other dangers, however.


Maewings are fairly weak to any weapon, so long as you have a method to trap it.


To tame a Maewing, knock it out - preferably with Tranq Arrows before feeding it berries or meat (though meat is more effective). Other knock-out methods are also effective, but may not be as viable. Even high-level Maewings will not take long to knock out as they have a meager torpor value.

Taming Food[]

Being an Omnivore, The Maewing will enjoy any type of food you will throw at it, with a preference for the usual Prime Meat, Mutton or Basic Kibble.

Preferred Food[]

Basic Kibble Basic Kibble

Taming Strategy[]

Due to its cowardly intention of immediately jumping up into the air with extremely fast gliding and reaction, trapping a Maewing to tame it is preferred early. While it is possible to track them down thanks to the mobility provided by the starting Federation Tek Suit, this can put you in many dangerous areas. Once you obtain a quality Tek Bow or other high-end tranquilizing weapon, any Maewing should go down in only one or two shots; even high-level ones.

Trap Box Method[]

One of the most popular way to trap mobile creatures is the classic method of building a trap. In the case for the Maewing, one of the more popular early-game methods is to create a small box of billboards, leaving one side open for the Maewing to enter. Next to the billboards place 3 wooden pillars, and using those pillars, create a thatch ceiling that covers the entirety of the billboard box.

Once the trap is set, either obtain Rare Flower Rare Flower if you intend to lure the Maewing aggressively into the trap, or use Giant Bee Honey Giant Bee Honey to lure it if it happens to be within the trail of the trap. For either of the trap, its recommended to clear out the area beforehand.

Under either method, quickly go behind the Maewing once its in the trap, and fill in the final board to successfully trap it. If the ceiling trap is laid out correctly, it will not be able to fly out.

Net Projectile Method[]

Simply fire the Net Projectile Net Projectile at the creature as it will not react to being too close. Due to its low torpidity, it can be easily knocked out with just a few Tranquilizer Dart Tranquilizer Dart or Tranq Arrow Tranq Arrow, but the net will only stay for a minute before breaking, so knock it out before it breaks.


  • Maewing acts as Feeding Trough Feeding Trough for baby creatures. However, you need to provide it with food supplies that the babies would normally eat (i.e: Raw Meat for Carnivores, Berries for Herbivores, and for examples of special cases, Ambergris Ambergris for Magmasaur Magmasaur and Wyvern Milk Wyvern Milk for Wyvern Wyvern.
    • Note that babies will eat whatever it can eat from its inventory before seeking for Maewings with "Nursing" activated.
    • Note that when a creature will reach "Juvenile" state will prioritize whatever it can eat from its inventory, then any nearby feeding troughs before seeking for Maewings with "Nursing" activated.
    • Using in combination with a Procoptodon Procoptodon can reduce the rate at which food is consumed while giving the imprinting bonus, provided said Procoptodon is mate boosted and is female.
    • By leveling up the 'Nursing effectiveness' stat you increase the range of it's 'baby feeding trough' ability.
  • Maewing can carry (and steal enemy) babies with its saddle, up to a maximum of 4. Most babies of any state of growth (up to 99.9% maturation) can be snatched by Maewing. Once they have fully matured, they will automatically be removed from the saddle baskets.
    • Unlike the Procoptodon Procoptodon babies are prevented from growing in size and are then released as full grown adults at 100% Maturity.
    • Keeping a Maewing in a small area such as Cave while taking care of large creatures such as Bronto Brontos is not recommended at all.
    • Maewings cannot carry baby Giganotosaurus, Managarmr, Bloodstalkers, or any water creatures, regardless of current stage of growth.
    • Maewings also cannot steal any wild baby creatures such as Kairuku Kairuku and Dinopithecus Dinopithecus.
  • Maewing lays eggs of random quality at random times, even under the influence of Oviraptor Oviraptor. When picked up, the egg will state what quality it is. Below is the table for the chances of a specific egg appearing.
Egg Quality Egg Size Chance
Basic Extra Small 35%
Simple Small 25%
Regular Medium 17.5%
Superior Large 12.5%
Exceptional Extra Large 7.5%
Extraordinary Special 2.5%


  • Raising Baby Creatures: Can automatically take care of your baby creatures. Place the food babies would normally eat in Maewing inventory, then turn on feeding trough mode for hassle-free baby raising. Babies can be either in pouch or very close proximity to get a trough symbol. (Level Weight and Nursing Effectiveness in order to store as much food in the Maewing as possible, and to give it the furthest feeding range and efficiency.
  • Thief: The Maewing can steal enemy baby creatures and make a quick getaway through the air by gliding.
  • Travel: The Maewing is the jack of all trades of travel and can get all around Genesis Part 2, as well as the other maps. It has great speed when running, gliding, and swimming, and also doesn't possess an oxygen stat. It even has great base weight and stamina.
  • Baby Transport: The Maewing can carry 4 baby creatures, both on the ground and in flight.
  • Resource Gatherer: Though not quite as efficient as a late-game dino, the Maewing can gather berries, meat, fiber, and hide early on.
  • Fast Travel Mount: With some maneuvering, The Maewing's gliding speed can reach extremely fast speeds, perhaps even the fastest in the game (NOT TESTED YET), which can be used for fast travel. To activate this, first initiate the glide (Preferably at some heights), then proceed to a downward dive until the visual effect of speed activates and, to finish, when at full speed, strafe left and right until the visual effect (Air sliding off the Maewing) happens, after which you can truly experience speed!

Weight Reduction[]

The Maewing reduces the Weight Weight of the following resources by the listed amount while they are in its inventory:

Ресурс Уменьшается на
Berries Berries 50%
Meat Meat 50%


Ресурс Эффективность
Berries Berries ★★★★★
Fiber Fiber ★★★★☆
Hide Hide ★★★☆☆
Cactus Sap Cactus Sap ★★★☆☆
Meat Meat ★★☆☆☆
Wood Wood ★★☆☆☆
Chitin Chitin ★☆☆☆☆



  • The code name of the Maewing is Milk Glider.
  • The Maewing was revealed in a holiday SurviveTheArk post.
  • It is a hybrid mix of a Platypus and a Flying Squirrel.
    • This would mean that the Maewing is the sixth hybrid in game, right after the Triceratops Triceratops, Morellatops Morellatops, Griffin Griffin, Seeker Seeker, and Shadowmane Shadowmane. (Eighth if you count event bosses like the DodoRex DodoRex, and the Dodo Wyvern Dodo Wyvern).
  • The holiday post said that the Maewing is "Engineered to be the ultimate interstellar wet nurse and surrogate parent". This hints that the Maewing was genetically engineered to live upon the Genesis-Ship, similarly to how the dinosaurs on the ARKs were also genetically engineered for their environments, i.e genetically engineered Wyvern Wyverns on Scorched Earth.
  • Maewings are currently listed as being genderless, but surprisingly, they can still mate with one another. This is the first genderless creature that is capable of mating.
    • This possibly means that the Maewing is a Hermaphrodite which are animals that possess both Male and Female reproductive organs.
  • The Maewing is the only Mammal in the game that lays eggs.
    • This is because Platypuses, one of the creatures the Maewing is based on, are Monotremes. Monotremes are a small group of mammals that lay eggs.
  • According to HLN-A during the Maewing Poach mission, baby maewings are called Kittles, a combination of puggle (a baby platypus) and kit (a baby flying squirrel).


  • The Maewing, as noted by HLN-A, is a genetically engineered animal that was made by the Colony Ship Crew between the time the ship left the ship and when Nida made her first explorer note to function as a nurse for a majority of the animals on the ship.
  • In one of its explorer notes, HLN-A noted that the Colony Ship had the latest versions of technology that can manipulate genes and with so much time passing, it notes that the crew started messing around with custom made creatures. The Maewing is a clear example of this.


Patch Changes
329.5 Maewing is added to the game.
329.27 Fixed a bug where the Maewing would not slide properly on water