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Подзорная Труба
Этот инструмент - эффективное приспособление для разведки с дальнего расстояния.
Находится в Маяках
Spawn Command
cheat giveitemnum 283 1 0 0
cheat gfi SpyGlass 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Test/PrimalItem_WeaponSpyglass.PrimalItem_WeaponSpyglass'" 1 0 0
Требуемый Уровень
Очки Энграмм
8 XP
Время Изготовления
Создается в‎

The Spyglass is a tool in ARK: Survival Evolved that allows the player to see faraway players, creatures, and landscapes.


The Spyglass is often used in-game while taming to see possible tameable beasts far away, and to check the level of a creature in order to decide whether it is approachable. This is particularly valuable in hunting dangerous creatures such as Carnos and Rexes, as well as flying creatures like Argents, Pteranodons, and Quetzals.

It can also be used to see the owner of structures from an increased distance.

While looking at a player or a creature through the spyglass, you can use the "Attack This Target" whistle (default: .) to command a creature to attack a distant target.

The spyglass can be used to show the gender of the creature you wish to tame, allowing you to hunt for mates to your dinosaurs for breeding.


  • Can be used while mounted. Selecting the Spyglass will equip it on zoom mode and unequipping it will zoom out again.
  • While riding a mount, its body will often obstruct your sight (head in front or wings to the sides), so it will be easier to use looking backwards.
  • The recipe uses 2 × Crystal Crystal, which can only be harvested with a Metal Pick Metal Pick (you are able to harvest Crystal with a Stone Pick Stone Pick, however, the dropchance for any Crystal is very low. It often takes harvesting several crystal nodes to loot one Crystal from them), making it a difficult item for low-level players to acquire despite its low unlock level.