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alexrmski's bot account. Let him know if I did something wrong. If you're employed by Fandom and came here because of suspicious request numbers coming from this account within only a few minutes, I swear it REALLY does NOT happen VERY often.

Tasks I can perform on ARK wikis:

  • Sorting & fixing item lists.
  • Creating image redirects for translations.
  • Updating missing translations categories.
  • Removing dead + unredirecting interwikis.
  • Updating creature stats values.
  • Updating SVG creature spawn maps.
  • Updating loot source tables.
  • Updating loot tables.
  • Resolving item links pointing at redirects to simplify them (or get those sweet DLC icons!).
  • Automatically updating the official server rates rail module. Translators: if you wish to opt your wiki in, add an interwiki link to the rail module template.

The bot's primarily powered by pywikibot with a lot of custom scripts written specifically for ARK Wiki or its subwikis, incl. several operations on extracted game data.

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