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Link to an item page with an item image in front: Stone.png Stone

Also supports an optional quantity in front: 5 ×  Stone.png Stone


Name Type Required Default
0 string true
text string false The value of the first positional parameter, or the second if given
link string false The value of the first positional parameter
image string false The value of the first positional parameter suffixed with .png
size string false 20px
quantity string false
noDlcIcon bool false
mod string false


Both lines produce the same output:

{{ItemLink|Stone}} = Stone.png Stone

{{ItemLink|Stone|text=Stone|link=Stone|image=Stone.png|size=20px|quantity=}} = Stone.png Stone

Lowercase link:

{{ItemLink|Stone|text=stone}} = Stone.png stone
{{ItemLink|Stone|stone}} = Stone.png stone

Plural link:

{{ItemLink|Stone|text=Stones}} = Stone.png Stones
Alternative: {{ItemLink|Stone}}s = Stone.png Stones


{{ItemLink|Stone|quantity=5}} = 5 ×  Stone.png Stone
{{ItemLink|Stone|quantity=5-10}} = 5-10 ×  Stone.png Stone

DLC-suffices are converted automatically to the according icon, if no explicit link-text is given

{{ItemLink|Sand (Scorched Earth)}} = Sand (Scorched Earth).png Sand  Scorched Earth Icon.png
{{ItemLink|Sand (Scorched Earth)|Sand}} = Sand (Scorched Earth).png Sand

Mods that are supported will have the mod-part replaced with their icon

{{ItemLink|Mod:Ark Eternal/Alpha Meat}} = Mod Ark Eternal Alpha Meat.png Alpha Meat  Mod Ark Eternal Icon.png

The parameter noDlcIcon hides the extra DLC-/mod-icon

{{ItemLink|Sand (Scorched Earth)|noDlcIcon=1}} = Sand (Scorched Earth).png Sand

Mod and DLC suffices are defined and managed within Module:DissectDlcItemName.

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