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เวอร์ชันหลัก | 30 พ.ย. 1999
  • Official PvP servers one-time Clearance of all old unequipped items (with the exception of blueprints, eatables, notes, and quest items), to ensure fairness after Item Duplication bug exploit. Server admins can enforce this once if they run with this command argument (will only work ONCE on pre-update save games):
ShooterGameServer.exe theisland?listen -ClearOldItems
  • Demolition Item Duplication bug fixed
  • Argentavis HP reduced by 30%
  • Notes now display the first 30 characters of written text as the title of the Note, once something is written on them
  • Plesiosaurus preparation...
  • C4's now attach properly to structures in some cases where they couldn't
  • Reduced probability of Spinosaurus spawns by 30%
  • Explosions now do +200% damage to dinos and +50% damage to players
  • Sarco and Turtle now dive/climb in water at properly quick speeds (making full use of their move speed)
  • Player-hosted servers can now maintain a whitelist of SteamID's who are admin cheat-authorized, and those accounts will automatically be able to use cheats without having to enter enablecheats. When utilizing this feature, no cheat password is utilized.
  • Compass Engram moved to level 10, & no longer requires Smithy (is hand-crafted)
  • There is now a dedicated keyblind for accessing the whistle wheel, which will soon be expanded with emote animations
  • Sarco now swims up and down much faster
  • Dino Specs now allow painting all saddle color regions, and the specs look thicker
  • Steel Vault now has 50% more storage slots
  • Rex roar now has a large attenuation range
  • Rocks do about 50% more damage
  • Spinos no longer lay bronto eggs
  • Turtles now regen stamina in the water
  • Fixed an exploit with accessing inventories over great distances
  • Spikewalls can no longer be built nearby enemy core structures
  • Fabricators, etc, now show craftable resource counts from their own Inventory even when they are not powered-on
  • "Your thing killed something" messages are now in yellow to avoid scaring you
  • Server perf resolved, finally! (and an overall perf benefit for everyone). Major PhysX system change. Expected gains of >33%+ on Server in some cases.
  • New Structure: Metal Water Tank, stores 500 water and is metal tier.
  • New Structures: Stone Walls/Fence Foundations (the first of a potential stone tier)
  • Fix for Engrams not appearing on characters in some cases
  • Notes can now be written at any time not just upon crafting
  • "All Passive" whistle
  • Vault now will drop rather than be destroyed if its floor is destroyed
  • You can now hurt your own unconsciously-taming Dinos in PvE
  • Fixed case of invisible campfires
  • Toggle key for Running
  • Cosmetics now all weigh 0 KG
  • Admin can now kick/ban/list players by SteamID
  • Major memory reduction on dedi server (multi-GB reduced)
  • Player-Hosted Server control of day-cycle length, and relative lengths of Day & Night respectively! Who wants a 24h real-time RP server? ME!!!!!!!
  • Player-server options for which engrams/blueprints are available on a server, how much they cost, what their level-requirements/pre-reqs are, how much XP is earned & level XP thresholds for players and dinos, and how much damage players & dinos & structures do & their resistances respectively. Your primitive-only worlds are now possible :)

Info here:

  • Texture Resolution settings no longer affect Terrain geometry quality
  • You can now optionally specify administrators for a server by numeric SteamID, so that only certain specific steam users can have access to the admin commands, and these users do not have to enter an admin password
  • If there are multiple bed/sleeping bag points overlapping on the same area on the respawn UI, upon clicking one you will now get a popup list to choose between them more easily.