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เวอร์ชันหลัก | 7 ส.ค. 2015
  • Moving most servers to a new faster host! Better official server framerates, woot!
  • Activating the Flare Gun when riding a Dino will now automatically shoot the Flare upwards
  • Your selected Survivor Spawn Region is now remembered when reconnecting your client
  • Server Admins can now disable Taming on a per-Dino basis via their config
  • PvE server admins can now enable building in Caves via their config
  • Gendered Tamed Dinos will only drop Eggs if Mate-Boosted now, and only Female Dinos lay eggs now ;)
  • Alpha predators now give 4x the regular amount of resources and nothing but prime meat!
  • Added Alpha versions of Carnotaurus and Utahraptor -- they buff less than the Alpha Rex, however.
  • Fix for one last case of possibly erroneously entering Spectator mode
  • Picking up your own Tamed Dinos' eggs no longer aggros Wild Dinos of that species ;)
  • Titanboa now has damage overlay
  • Sarco Sarco tail has proper IK again
  • Barricades (Metal and Wooden) can now be painted
  • You can now eat/drink when caught in a Bear Trap
  • Can no longer ride a dino that is snared in a Bear Trap... gotta free it first.
  • You can no longer mount a dino if you're snared in a Bear Trap
  • Harvested resources now properly respawn in singleplayer/non-dedicated host!
  • Alpha Dinos now damage stone structures
  • New Server's "GameUserSettings.ini" values:
//to allow building in caves
  • And in Server's "Game.ini", to prevent Taming of specific Dino's:
//etc etc -- all dino classnames are in the ARK Dev Kit, maybe someone can put them on the ARK Wiki ;)