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Disambig บทความนี้เกี่ยวข้องกับ HLN-A (Genesis), อย่าสับสนกับ Mini-HLNA Skin (Genesis Part 1) Mini-HLNA Skin (Genesis: Part 1)

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Genesis Part 1 DLC Genesis Part 2 DLC This article is about content exclusive to the DLC: Genesis: Part 1, Genesis: Part 2
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HLN-A is an NPC and a "guide" exclusive to the DLC Genesis: Part 1 and Genesis: Part 2.

Basic Info[]

HLN-A is an artificial being created by Helena, with some of her personality and voice formed inside the AI. She was created as a guide for the survivor, with several useful functions to assist.


  • Holographic Guide
  • Fractal Personality
  • Echo of Helena
  • Witless Puppet (By Rockwell)
  • Shadow of Her (Helena, Also by Rockwell)


After Diana and Mei Yin bury the dead futuristic survivors, they head off to Arat Prime where they beam Helena into the Genesis Simulation. There, Helena makes HLN-A but suddenly disappears for an unknown reason after making the holographic robot.


Like Helena, HLN-A is a cheerful, optimistic and friendly AI that will do anything to help the survivor out but without the experiences of the former. With Helena doing many things on the ARKs and as a Homo Deus, HLN-A feels she has high expectations to meet and wants to do its best to meet them with its own achievements.

When playing Genesis and doing things in the map, HLN-A would unpredictably respond to what the player is doing. There a multitude of responses and some instances include being AFK, or away from keyboard, and she would think and respond that the player is in another simulation, and being close to a baby creature where she would mention the player is having a selfie with it.


HLN-A is a circular robot that has its eye changed depending on the emotion it wants to convey to the survivor. The emoji projection in the middle of it changes to convey its emotions. Even the hologram color changes depending on her emotion. Also, her appendages can move to distinguish direction and emotions.


In the Genesis: Part 1 Tidbit Glitches, there are many times HLN-A ends being glitched herself. Here are some instances:

  • She was speaking in a garbled, gibberish fashion that she describes the aftertaste being rotten.
  • She acts like the voice in a phone where it waits for the caller to press buttons for a response.
  • She experienced a glitch that couldn't stay down to a point HLN-A belched.
  • HLN-A had to reboot its voice due to a glitch that scrambled its voice.
  • HLN-A ended up having dinosaur speech and it notes that fixing a glitch can turn HLN-A inside-out if it isn't careful.
  • There was a glitch that made HLN-A's voice stuck on a singing mode.
  • HLN-A speaks in a mysterious language that translates into "One language is never enough" but the glitch had multiple languages in it.
  • HLN-A almost got fixed by the glitch that made her speak a weather forecast.
  • HLN-A experienced a glitch where it spoke the general introduction when a survivor enters the Genesis Simulation.
  • A glitch made HLN-A sound like Helena Walker when its emotion subroutines were turned offline.
  • HLN-A experienced a glitch where it had to reboot her displays and it shows the celebrating display over fixing the glitch.
  • There was a glitch that messed around with HLN-A's vocabulary where it says "My hovercraft is full of eels" over and over.
  • A glitch messed up its emotion subroutines to a point HLN-A is actually sobbing.
  • HLN-A experienced a glitch where the coding for saying "hello world" still remained in her systems.



HLN-A can scan creatures and display their stats. To do so, you have to press "H" on PC or the "Back Button" on console while looking at the creature you want to scan.


HLN-A can teleport survivors nearby that are within the tribe (and any tamed dino) to its selected biome and direction. The color of the teleporting dome represents where the survivor is being teleported to.

Any dino belonging to the tribe will be warped if its within close proximity. Often, the warping for the dino may fail, causing them to be left behind if the surrounding area for teleporting isn't suffice enough, or due to network latency.

  • Red - Volcano
  • Green - Bog
  • White - Arctic
  • Blue - Ocean
  • Yellow - Lunar

Free Hexagon[]

Often over time, she can be interacted with to produce 300 Hexagons and prompt a short message.

Hexagon Exchange[]

HLN-A sells several items in exchange for Hexagons. แม่แบบ:ExchangeTable

Arrival Protocol[]

HLN-A can be interacted to teleport to System Root with enough mission cleared per difficulty, a location to fight the Final Genesis Boss. Anyone within the vicinity and is in the same tribe or alliance as the survivor who started it will be teleported as well, regardless whether or not they have cleared enough mission. Note that only creatures belonging to the survivor's tribe who started it will be teleported, but NOT those belonging to an alliance.



  • HLN-A is meant to be a consciousness piece of the survivor Helena.
    • It has her personality as well as her carefree voice.
  • Based on the region the player is in, HLN-A will speak to the survivor/player based on the region, like English for English player, or Japanese for Japanese player.
    • Her accent for English is Australian, since Helena is from down under.
    • Despite her accent being Australian, she still pronounces some words like "mask" differently to Australians, pronouncing it like the a in "ant" instead of an "arr" sound.
  • On the release of Genesis: Part 2, the voice actor for HLN-A changed for Genesis: Part 1 as well to better fit the personality shown in Genesis: Part 2. However, the introduction and the cinematic still uses the same voice actor.


Patch Changes
309.4 Improved HLNA performance when crafting a large number of items.
316.18 Fixed a bug where HLN-A would jitter a lot at low client fps.