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Genesis Part 2 DLC This article is about content exclusive to the DLC: Genesis: Part 2
Steam Xbox One PS Epic Games Stadia This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games, Stadia.
Rockwell's Proliferation
Rockwell's Proliferation (Genesis Part 2)
Genesis Part 2 Map

The Rockwell's Proliferation (more commonly known as Rockwell's Innards) is an area in the Genesis: Part 2 DLC located under the Corrupted Gardens.


To enter the subterranean innards of Sir Edmund Rockwell, you must head to the remains of the city in the center of the corrupted ring. The entrance will be fairly close to a capsized circular platform, which also happens to have an explorer note on it. Once this has been located the entrance should be to the left, if you came from the Eden Zone. Upon entering the Proliferation you face many threats:


  • Summoners are near invincible and can be found in plentitude, with some loftier sections having them in the double digits. They can summon nearly any dangerous creature, making for a long and difficult fight, especially if one would be unfortunate enough to aggravate multiple at once.
  • Macrophages are similar to Genesis' Insect Swarm, and mercilessly attack anyone who harms anything in the Proliferation, inflicting a debuff which disables the ability to sprint or use the speed boost from the Tek Leggings Tek Leggings.
  • Mantis, Titanomyrma, Araneo, Arthropluera and Reaper Queens can be found here.
  • Small, green-coloured Rockwell Tentacles will appear from the ground, shooting goo projectiles and slamming the ground when approached.
  • The sickly green bodies of liquid will inflict Acid Burn until the victim exits the liquid, and a short period thereafter.
    • Players or mounts will take 5% damage of their total health per second and the longer they are in the acid, the more damage that can be taken. In other words, you can only last 20 seconds in the acid regardless of health.
      • Ex) A max level 471 Mek with 84,701.8 health points in the acid will take 4,235 damage per second.
  • This biome is revolting, being littered with ever-watching eyes, plants that blur the line between flora and fauna, and columns of viscera overtaking the once polished metallic infrastructure with its own brand of horror. Certainly not a desirable vacation spot!



  • Araneo Araneo
  • Arthropluera Arthropluera
  • Basilisk Basilisk
  • Macrophage Macrophage
  • Mantis Mantis
  • Meganeura Meganeura
  • R-Reaper King R-Reaper King
  • Seeker Seeker
  • Titanoboa Titanoboa
  • Titanomyrma Drone Titanomyrma Drone




  • R-Reaper Queen R-Reaper Queen





  • Basilisk Scale Basilisk Scale
  • Berries Berries
  • Cementing Paste Cementing Paste
  • Chitin Chitin
  • Hide Hide
  • Mushrooms (Aberration) Mushrooms (Aberration)
  • Oil Oil
  • Organic Polymer Organic Polymer
  • Raw Meat Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat Raw Prime Meat
  • Reaper Pheromone Gland Reaper Pheromone Gland
  • Titanoboa Venom Titanoboa Venom

From Harvestable Nodes[]

  • Chitin Chitin
  • Element Shard Element Shard
  • Keratin Keratin
  • Raw Meat Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat Raw Prime Meat
  • Raw Salt (Scorched Earth) Raw Salt (Scorched Earth)
  • Spoiled Meat Spoiled Meat
  • Mutagen (Genesis Part 2) Mutagen (Genesis: Part 2)


  • The terminal to access the final boss battle can be found in this biome, beneath the giant heart.
  • Reaper Queen Reaper Queens, while uncommon, do spawn from time to time in this biome, making the acquisition of a Reaper King Reaper King possible.
  • Mutagen Bulbs can be found in this area. When picked up, Summoner Summoners will be spawned nearby to investigate.
  • The danger Noglin Noglins pose, being able to control most creatures, makes it risky to bring stronger creatures to this biome, as they can easily kill the survivor. Make sure to bring strong mechanized mounts such as the Mek, or Tek Stryder, since they are immune to the mind control, due to being considered vehicles.
  • The Spino Spino and Shadowmane Shadowmane can get their water buff because there a very little puddles of water.
  • Throughout the biome, eyes dot the entire area and always look at the player. In a way, the eyes in the biome break the fourth wall by looking at you (your actual self) whether you are in first or third person.


  • In HLN-A's explorer notes or audios, she says the biome has places where metal starts becoming meat. She call this phenomenon techno-organic interfacing, or the process where solid matter is manipulated at the molecular level. With Element being the common metal between the ship and Rockwell, Rockwell is basically oxidizing, or making the metal rust off the ship while also replacing any metal except Element with his meaty innards.