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Translation บทความนี้กำลังอยู่ในขั้นตอนการแปล. เนื้อหานี้จะถูกแปลภายในไม่กี่ชั่วโมง หรือ กี่วันข้างหน้า.
คุณสามารถช่วยแปลได้ โปรดดูคำแนะนำได้ที่ พอร์ทัลชุมชน.
Disambig บทความนี้เกี่ยวข้องกับ the first DLC map สำหรับ the floating island of the same name, ดูได้ที่ The Center (Floating Island)

The Center
The Center DLC
DLC for ARK with a new map.
May 17th, 2016
Xbox One
May 17th, 2016
December 6th, 2016
Nintendo Switch
Epic Games
June 11th, 2020
Summer 2021
The Center DLC This article is about the DLC: The Center
Steam Xbox One PS Epic Games This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games.
ARK- The Center

The Center is a free, official, non-canonical DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved.


The Center originated as a custom map by modder Ben “EvilMrFrank” Burkart. It was added to ARK: Survival Evolved as free DLC in PC patch 241.0 and Xbox One update 734.0. It underwent a "mega-update" that added the Redwood Forests in PC patch 245.0 and was released on Xbox One and PS4.

The Center DLC has a default difficulty level of 5.0 which means wild dinos up to level 150 and better loot quality from Supply Crate supply drops. Prior to January 2017, Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus had an extremely rare chance to spawn anywhere on the map; now Giganotosaurus will only spawn in a few areas such as the Lava Biome and Northern Snowy Mountain.

Unique Environmental Features[]

  • A Mountain with various ape statues carved from it overlooking the redwoods biome.
  • A large natural bridge connecting from the snow biome to the redwoods biome.
  • An island with lava rivers and lava lakes flowing throughout it.
  • 2 Underwater Domes which can be used as waterproof bases.
  • A fall which leads to a bottomless ocean.
  • A massive floating island called The Center.
  • A Island which has the appearance of a Skull.
  • Glowing green spores throughout most of the map.
  • A Massive Underground ecosystem with it's own miniature sun.
  • The Boss Arena can be seen from the normal map unlike other maps

The Center Map[]

The Center consists of multiple climatic and geological regions, including several that are not featured on The Island map. The map's most notable feature, a colossal floating island, can be found to the West of the map surrounded by treacherous swamps. To the far North, an active volcanic island can be found covered in basalt, lava, and dangerous predators. Numerous islands covered in jungles, tropical shorelines, mountains, and ancient ruins dot the varied archipelago. A unique set of caves push survivors to their limits in search of the Artifacts and their hidden rewards. Descend into Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth where survivors will find themselves in a self-sufficient underground ecosystem far beneath the lush jungles. Similarly, survivors can dive down to either of two underwater domes to build their own naval bases of Atlantean proportions!


The Center Locations

Regions of The Center

  • DeepOcean (The Center)
  • Half-Burnt Island (The Center)
    Half-Burnt Island
  • LavaBiome The Center
    Lava Biome
  • Lava Biome High (The Center)
    Lava Biome High
  • West Lava Cave (The Center)
    Lava Oasis Cave
  • LavaCave (The Center)
  • Scorched Island (The Center)
    Scorched Island

  • Eastern Islets (The Center)
    Eastern Islets
  • SE Trench TC
    Eastern Trench
  • Tropical Island North (The Center)
    Tropical Island North
  • Tropical Island South (The Center)
    Tropical Island South
  • East Underwater Bubble (The Center)
    Underwater Dome (East)

  • Jumping Puzzle (The Center)
    Jumping Puzzle
  • South East Cave (The Center)
    Jungle Cave
  • Jungles Mid TC
    Jungle Mid
  • Jungle Mid Beach (The Center)
    Jungle Mid Beach
  • Jungles North TC
    Jungle North
  • Jungle North Beach (The Center)
    Jungle North Beach
  • Jungles South TC
    Jungle South
  • Jungle South Beach (The Center)
    Jungle South Beach
  • Ocean Under Center (The Center)
    Ocean Under Center
  • Secluded Island (The Center)
    Secluded Island
  • Skull Island (The Center)
    Skull Island
  • The Center
    The Center (Floating Island)
  • The Center Cave Inside
    The Center Cave
  • UW TC
    Underground World
  • South Underwater Bubble (The Center)
    Underwater Dome (South)
  • Underworld Ocean (The Center)
    Underworld Ocean

  • Cliffside Cavern (The Center)
    Cliffside Cavern
  • Edge of the World (The Center)
    Edge of the World
  • North Ice Cave Room2a
    North Ice Cave
  • Penguin Iceberg TC
    Penguin Pond
  • Far West Snowy Grasslands TC
    Snowy Grasslands
  • North Snowy Mountain (The Center)
    Snowy Mountain (North)
  • South Snowy Mountain (The Center)
    Snowy Mountain (South)
  • South Ice Cave TC
    South Ice Cave
  • Swamps TC
  • Western Cliffs (The Center)
    Western Cliffs

  • Redwood Forests (The Center)
    Redwood Biome
  • The Bridge (The Center)
    The Bridge

  • The Center Arena
    The Center Arena

Approximate Spawn Locations[]

The Center/Spawn Locations

Data Maps[]

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth)
    Strategic Resources
  • SpawnMapIcon
    Creature Spawns
  • Level 55
    Exploring the map
  • MaskOn
    Loot Crates


  • Achatina Achatina
  • Ammonite Ammonite
  • Allosaurus Allosaurus
  • Alpha Carnotaurus Alpha Carnotaurus
  • Alpha Leedsichthys Alpha Leedsichthys
  • Alpha Megalodon Alpha Megalodon
  • Alpha Mosasaur Alpha Mosasaur
  • Alpha Raptor Alpha Raptor
  • Alpha T-Rex Alpha T-Rex
  • Alpha Tusoteuthis Alpha Tusoteuthis
  • Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurus
  • Angler Angler
  • Araneo Araneo
  • Archaeopteryx Archaeopteryx
  • Argentavis Argentavis
  • Arthropluera Arthropluera
  • Baryonyx Baryonyx
  • Basilosaurus Basilosaurus
  • Beelzebufo Beelzebufo
  • Brontosaurus Brontosaurus
  • Broodmother Lysrix Broodmother Lysrix
  • Carbonemys Carbonemys
  • Carnotaurus Carnotaurus
  • Castoroides Castoroides
  • Chalicotherium Chalicotherium
  • Cnidaria Cnidaria
  • Coelacanth Coelacanth
  • Compy Compy
  • Daeodon Daeodon
  • Dilophosaur Dilophosaur
  • Dimetrodon Dimetrodon
  • Dimorphodon Dimorphodon
  • Diplocaulus Diplocaulus
  • Diplodocus Diplodocus
  • Dire Bear Dire Bear
  • Direwolf Direwolf
  • Dodo Dodo
  • Doedicurus Doedicurus
  • Dung Beetle Dung Beetle
  • Dunkleosteus Dunkleosteus
  • Electrophorus Electrophorus
  • Equus Equus
  • Eurypterid Eurypterid
  • Gallimimus Gallimimus
  • Giant Bee Giant Bee
  • Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus
  • Gigantopithecus Gigantopithecus
  • Hesperornis Hesperornis
  • Hyaenodon Hyaenodon
  • Ichthyosaurus Ichthyosaurus
  • Ichthyornis Ichthyornis
  • Iguanodon Iguanodon
  • Kairuku Kairuku
  • Kaprosuchus Kaprosuchus
  • Kentrosaurus Kentrosaurus
  • Leech Leech
  • Leedsichthys Leedsichthys
  • Liopleurodon Liopleurodon
  • Lystrosaurus Lystrosaurus
  • Mammoth Mammoth
  • Manta Manta
  • Megalania Megalania
  • Megaloceros Megaloceros
  • Megalodon Megalodon
  • Megalosaurus Megalosaurus
  • Meganeura Meganeura
  • Megapithecus Megapithecus
  • Megatherium Megatherium
  • Mesopithecus Mesopithecus
  • Microraptor Microraptor
  • Mosasaurus Mosasaurus
  • Moschops Moschops
  • Onyc Onyc
  • Otter Otter
  • Oviraptor Oviraptor
  • Ovis Ovis
  • Pachy Pachy
  • Pachyrhinosaurus Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Paraceratherium Paraceratherium
  • Parasaur Parasaur
  • Pegomastax Pegomastax
  • Pelagornis Pelagornis
  • Phiomia Phiomia
  • Piranha Piranha
  • Plesiosaur Plesiosaur
  • Procoptodon Procoptodon
  • Pteranodon Pteranodon
  • Pulmonoscorpius Pulmonoscorpius
  • Purlovia Purlovia
  • Quetzal Quetzal
  • Raptor Raptor
  • Rex Rex
  • Sabertooth Sabertooth
  • Sabertooth Salmon Sabertooth Salmon
  • Sarco Sarco
  • Spino Spino
  • Stegosaurus Stegosaurus
  • Tapejara Tapejara
  • Tek Parasaur Tek Parasaur
  • Tek Quetzal Tek Quetzal
  • Tek Raptor Tek Raptor
  • Tek Rex Tek Rex
  • Tek Stegosaurus Tek Stegosaurus
  • Terror Bird Terror Bird
  • Therizinosaur Therizinosaur
  • Thylacoleo Thylacoleo
  • Titanoboa Titanoboa
  • Titanomyrma Titanomyrma
  • Titanosaur Titanosaur
  • Triceratops Triceratops
  • Trilobite Trilobite
  • Troodon Troodon
  • Tusoteuthis Tusoteuthis
  • Woolly Rhino Woolly Rhino
  • Yeti Yeti
  • Yutyrannus Yutyrannus

In other words, all Creatures that can be found on The Island can be found somewhere on The Center, except for the Polar Bear Polar Bear, the Polar Purlovia Polar Purlovia, the Unicorn Unicorn, the Attack Drone Attack Drone, the Defense Unit Defense Unit, the Dragon Dragon and the Overseer Overseer.

Event Creatures[]

Creatures that only spawned during an Event:


All items from the base game are available on The Center.


  • Artifact of the Brute
  • Artifact of the Clever
  • Artifact of the Cunning
  • Artifact of the Devious
  • Artifact of the Devourer
  • Artifact of the Hunter
  • Artifact of the Immune
  • Artifact of the Massive
  • Artifact of the Pack
  • Artifact of the Skylord
  • Artifact of the Strong



  • Prior to January 2017, Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus was able to spawn anywhere in the overworld of The Center including beaches and small islands; now they only spawn in a few areas like Lava Biome
  • The Center has the only arena that can be viewed from the base map as it lies on the mountain overlooking the redwoods biome.
    • It can also be reached and even entered into from the base map itself (tested with the Desert Titan).
  • The Center has its own spawn-in theme, based off of the regular theme found in The Island, Valguero, Ragnarok and Crystal Isles.
    • It also has its own day and night transition themes.
  • On PvP servers, any structures in Caves, the Underground World, Underwater Domes, and any of the Ancient Ruins will take 3x damage.
  • There is a massive underground crystal cave that lies along the southern portion of the cliffs that form the Edge of the World. Similar to the Underground World but filled with cosmetic crystals all over as well as a small but detailed cosmetic ruin.
  • On Xbox since v757: If you would like to play The Center map without advancing through The Island, launch the Island and then open the command menu. Type in cheat playercommand Ascend2. Once finished you'll be able to load The Center as normal.
  • On PS4 since v510: If you would like to play The Center map without advancing through The Island ascension, launch the Island and then open the command menu. Type in cheat playercommand Ascend1. Once finished you'll be able to load The Center as normal.
  • The Center is the only official mod map that doesn't add any new creatures.
    • It is also one of the two official mod maps to not have mini bosses since Ragnarok has the Spirit Direwolf Spirit Direwolf and Spirit Direbear Spirit Direbear, the Lava Elemental Lava Elemental, and the Iceworm Queen Iceworm Queen and Valguero has the Broodmother Broodmother as a mini boss. The other official mod map without a mini-boss is Crystal Isles.
  • The Center is the first official mod map to be released to the base game.
    • It is also the first downloadable map because it was released before Scorched Earth.


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