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-Space- (Genesis Part 2).jpg
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-Space- is a region in the Genesis: Part 2 DLC. It is a vast area containing resource-rich asteroids.


Very Common[]



Very Uncommon[]


Very Rare[]


At midnight at the start of each in-game day, the Genesis Ship will enter warp and arrive at a new location at 1:30am. Each location affects the available asteroids that survivors can harvest within space, which can be determined remotely using the skybox or supply crates.

Designation Skybox and Asteroids Available resources Supply Crate color
Aberrant Asteroid/Planet
(mountainous with purple clouds)
Aberration skybox.png
Obsidian Asteroids.jpg
Ice Asteroid/Planet
(with iridescent blue moon)
Element skybox.png
Element Shards Asteroids.jpg
Molten Asteroid/Planet
Oil skybox.png
Oil Asteroids.jpg
Ringed Asteroid/Planet
Ambergris skybox.png
Ambergris Asteroids.jpg
Shale Asteroid/Planet
Dust skybox.png
Element Dust Asteroids.jpg
Pearls Asteroid/Planet
Black Pearl skybox.png
Black Pearls Asteroids.jpg
Crystalline Asteroid/Planet
(no planet but a bright pulsar back from the ship)
Crystal skybox.png
Crystal Asteroids.jpg
Sulphuric Asteroid/Planet
Sulfur skybox.jpg
Sulfur Asteroids.jpg

Tames that have harvest restrictions still apply. For example, the  Doedicurus and  Gacha will get  Stone and  Flint respectively, instead of the usual primary resource.

From Local Creatures[]


  • Be warned that hyperspace jumps may leave any tames and vehicles (i.e.  Tek Hover Skiffs) behind the former space location (tested in Single-Player).
  • Creatures seem to spawn more frequently the higher you go.
  • Asteroids found in the center space ring only spawn when the Genesis-Ship is out of Hyperspace.
  • Zombie Fire Wyverns spawned here during Fear Evolved 5.