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Released - PC: January 20, 2017 in 253.992 Source - PC Primitive Plus 1.4 Patch Notes

  • Re-Based from the latest ARK content (includes any non-item related updates. IE: Balance changes, bug fixes)
  • Added Tuso saddle engram
  • Added Therizino saddle engram
  • Added PachyRhino saddle engram
  • Added Megla saddle engram
  • Added Kapro saddle engram
  • Added Camera engram
  • Advanced Workbench - 25% reduction on all engrams crafted
  • Yurt - A tent-like structure that can be placed/picked up. Also allows for placing some structures
  • Recurve Bow - Additional damage multiplier for all arrows; Reduced 'shake' when aiming. Slightly faster arrows
  • Fixed snap points
    • Lumber: Your structures should be unaffected. You are given a pickup option for old structures. Upon picking them up, they exchange for the new versions with improved snap points. Once placing the new structures, you will not have an option to pick them up. This is the best compromise I could think of - as any other implementation would have affected existing structures.
    • Brick/Concrete: Same as above, except, concrete floors can't be picked up since the snap points were unchanged.
    • Additionally, be sure to update your spawn codes to the new structure items
    • IMPORTANT: The old items will be removed in the next patch to save overall space in the mod. Be sure to replace by that time!
  • New structures for lumber tier -Glass Window, Glass Window frame, Glass Doorframe
  • Adjusted loot crate drops; should be improved and include the most recent Primitive+ content
  • Rebalanced custom arrows ( Obsi arrows do most damage; Feathered arrows are fastest medium damage; flaming arrows low damage)
  • Reorganized engram list to go in ascending level by order
  • Fixed any issues with dino spawns
  • New meshes for brick/concrete tier
  • Replaced/Improved Lumber Icons
  • Replaced/Improved Brick Icons
  • Rebalanced longbow in preparation for recurve bow addition
  • Fixed issue with the functionality in fish trap
  • Fixed issue where longbow could not be used with all arrows
  • Spoiling time increased for fish trap
  • Fish trap has a chance to drop prime fish meat (15%)
  • Increased spoiling time for malt
  • Doubled stack size for grapes
  • Increased spoiling time for sugar
  • Craft time for beer increased
  • Increased quantity of honey produced by worker bees
  • Increase rate of bee spawns
  • Decreased spoiling time of bread
  • Removed double spoiling for cooked poultry
  • Increased stack size of cabbage
  • Increased salt needed to make leather
  • Reduced crafting time for cement
  • Bonemeal is now the most effective fertilizer by far
  • Increased stamina consumption when using Viking ax
  • Modified damage multipliers for weapons
  • Fixed Chalico taming - now tames with Prim+ beer
  • Fixed destructible mesh for modular table

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