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  • Fixed "Message of the Days" for hosted servers. They'll now work, specified here in the GameUserSettings.ini (imgur link, pastebin)
  • Added Sky for Direct X 10 Shader Model 4 rendering
  • Tamed dinos now look at allies when they're nearby, to increase realism :)
  • Added a loading progress meter to avoid the appearance of frozen game stalls, and fixed another blackscreen/infinite load case.
  • Added a "Difficulty" slider for Local/Custom Servers that scales the levels of the creatures encountered, along with the quality of loot (but not quite linearly with each other, so you can expect a tougher challenge overall as that slider goes up!)
  • Added the capability to choose respawn region upon each player respawn. Set 12 spawn regions, rather than 4
  • Added code now for flyers to not follow you into water, and land creatures to have a depth limit they're willing to follow you to :)
  • Adjusted various Quality Group graphics settings to increase performance on each tier
  • You can now properly apply the ARK Founders' Parasaur Saddle Skin, to the Parasaur Saddle :)
  • Increased the length of time for dead player bodies/inventories to decompose, to 20 minutes
  • You can now whitelist specific SteamID's that will always be granted access to your server. Even if it's full.
  • Console key can now be rebinded through the Options Menu
  • All Host Game options are now visible in the in-game launch menu (which also affects single player), as well as saved in INI for easy access
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes no servers would return
  • Server Player counts should finally be fixed in-game
  • Downloading ARK Data Characters into other Servers will no longer lose them
  • You can now rebind the Arrow Keys properly (strafe, turn, whatever you want)
  • On your server, you can now use 'cheat' or 'admincheat' to cheat after logging in as and admin. "cheat broadcast MessageString" will now let you broadcast a server message to everyone on your server (which also force displays the chat). Note that you can also set a Message-Of-The-Day here:
 Message=Hello and welcome to my ARK! :-D 
  • Added an option to hide the Server Name from your Pause Menu, so that streamers don't have to give away what server they're playing on.
  • Your last server filter settings now save and restore
  • Argentavis now has a very limited (60% reduced) targeting range for live creatures, but his targeting range for corpses has been boosted by 40%. So watch out if you've got a dead body around, you might want to get out of the way :) . In any case, this is more true to their real-world likely behavior and will make them grief less.
  • Your riding character now looks in the direction your camera is facing, along with your mount.
  • Fixed a silly enemy pathing case that would make them needlessly turn around a lot in tight confines.
  • Reduced default Dino following distance by 50%
  • You can now craft directly from within your pet's inventory
  • Fixed a missing map file. Please ensure your servers are running 171.10 to avoid incompatibility.