ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki


  • Q in the Inventory Menu toggles Item Text Overlay Mode, which will remove all the non-critical text overlays from the item icons, such as name, type, etc.
  • Fixed numerous server and client-side crashes.
  • Fixed getting your body or tribe taken over by someone else -- no more Invasion of the Body Snatchers!
  • You can now search for sessions "by name" within the In-Game Browser UI
  • Changed coordinates on Map Marker placement to Latitude First, Longitude Second, as it should be!
  • Fixed -nomansky option which you can also access via the game's Steam Launch Options to properly not initialize the dynamic sky system. Use this launch option if you're getting video driver crashes, and it'll resolve them! however your sky system will be simpler, for now.
  • No longer lose performance after singleplayer savegame loads! Still needs more testing for possible side-effects!
  • Added LAN support. LAN games will now appear on the server browser via the server filter type dropdown. Happy LAN gaming!
  • Fixed Server Download Dino crash and prevented losing uploaded dinos.
  • Players now have to breathe when submerged in water, and on a dino.
  • Arrows will no longer phase through all solid objects and hit people on the other side.
  • Crops will now take an extremely long time to spoil if they are watered and fertilized correctly.
  • Crop yield is now 2x.
  • Structures now have 50% increase damage resistance globally.